Golden Mask Dynasty Show

The large-scale poetic dancing drama, Golden Mask Dynasty Show, is based on a legendary age in China. The Golden Mask Dynasty Show incorporates dancing, lighting and acoustics, acrobatics and some magnificent costumes to recreate the wonderful legend. The play was developed by Overseas Chinese Town, which invested 200 million yuan into building the theater for the play. As a result, the experience in the theater will be excellent.

golden mask dynasty show

The legend of Golden Mask Dynasty

The Golden Mask Dynasty Show tells a romantic story through eight chapters: war, farming, forging of metal, ceremonies, the moon, floods, fetes and illusions.

In ancient China, there were two kingdoms during the same period. One was known as Golden Mask Dynasty, and the other was Blue Mask Dynasty. War broke out between the two kingdoms when Blue Mask Dynasty invaded. The Golden Mask Dynasty won the war and captured the warriors of the Blue Mask Dynasty. With wisdom, tolerance, trust and boundless love, the queen who wore a golden mask created a prosperous dynasty.

Because of boundless love, the queen decided to liberate all slaves captured in the war. As a result, the freed slaves had the right to marry women in the Golden Mask Dynasty. The society was full of harmony. And the Golden Mask Dynasty was more prosperous than ever before.

However, because of an unforeseen catastrophe the queen of the Golden Mask Dynasty sacrificed herself for the peace of the homeland. After the catastrophe, the survivors rebuilt with a thankful heart.

The performance of Golden Mask Dynasty Show

The Golden Mask Dynasty Show is performed by more than 200 actors from home and abroad. Produced by Chinese playwrights, directors and designers, the play will be full of Chinese characteristics. The theater is specially designed for the large-scale poetic dancing drama; audiences can even see a real flood pouring out on the stage. It attracts thousands of visitors to each performance

Nearby Attractions

The theater of Golden Mask Dynasty Show is in Beijing Happy Valley, an ecological paradise, characterized by its fashionable, dynamic and dreamlike elements. It’s become a symbol of Beijing experience tourism. As a result, you can experience all kinds of entertainments.

Solo Adventure Tips:


The Golden Mask Dynasty Show located in Beijing Happy Valley, Houfeng Bridge, South east Fourth Ring road.

How to Get There?

Subway line 7 Happy Valley Scenic Area get off.

Take the bus No.44 Inner Ring, get off at South of Chaoyang Gate.

Ticket Price:

Section D 120 CNY
Section C 140 CNY
Section B 160 CNY
Section A 180 CNY
Section VIP 300 CNY

Opening Hours:

Every day at 17:30 - 18:40 and 19:30 - 20:40.
Two shows each day during high season.

More Tips:

1. The ticket for Golden Mask Show can be purchased through its offical website: But thespecific seat number of the show is randomly arranged on the spot when you take your paper ticket before the show. It’d better to take your paper ticket as early as possible.

2. If you are going to visit Happy Valley as well. Buy the ticket of the show at Happy Valley would be better, where you can get 50% discount.

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