Huaibei Ski Resort

Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort, which was built in the year 2000 and opened to the public on January, 2001, is one of the earliest ski resorts in Beijing and a relatively large ski resort boasting topflight ski runs, amazing natural scenery and complete facilities of a variety. It is located 18 kilometers north of Huairou urban area, which is 67 kilometers from downtown Beijing. Embraced by the Great Wall, Huaibei International Ski Resort boasts picturesque natural scenery. The ski resort has advanced and complete equipments, such as three cables cars, seven ski runs, ski equipment store with the area of 3,000 square meters, a western dinning hall with the area of 300 square meters, 3,000 snow suits, 3,000 skis and 200 snowboards. The ski resort has the snow trail of 3,800 meters which ranks the longest in Beijing, including 4 trails for ski beginners, 1 for medium skiers and 2 for professional skiers. Besides, 60 professional instructors are ready to help skiers of various levels. Huaibei Ski Resort operates from December to the following March every year.

ski resort

The Ski Resort

Six Distinguishing Features

The Largest Ski Resort in Beijing

Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort covers an area of 9.6 square kilometers, with the snow-covered area of 100,000 square meters. It can accommodate 5,000 skiers simultaneously.

The Most Picturesque Ski Resort in Beijing

Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort is located in Jiugukou natural scenic area in Huairou district which is known as the backyard garden of Beijing and it’s embraced on three sides by the Great Wall. Thus, Beijing Huaibei International Ski Resort boasts both human landscape and beautiful natural scenery.

The Ski Resort with the most complete facilities in Beijing

The newly renovated ski equipment hall is very magnificent, containing equipments such as convenient and fast electronic payment system, luxurious VIP rooms and imported drying equipment.

One of the Oldest Ski Resorts in Beijing

The construction of Huaibei Ski Resort began in 2000, which was one of the oldest ski resorts in Beijing. It’s also the only ski resort registered “international” in Beijing.

One of the Safest Ski Resorts in Beijing

The guidance system of Huaibei Ski Resort adopts European standard symbol entirely, and a staff is ready to serve you every 50 meters on the ski track.

The Ski Resort with the Best quality of Snow in Beijing

Huaibei Ski Resort is surrounded by mountains, enjoying typical small basin climate. The relatively dry air and the snow of powdery form which is made of surface water in mid-November offers a comfortable skiing environment for skiers.

Huaibei Ski Resort Map

Huaibei Ski Resort Map

Price List for skiing in Huaibei Ski Resort


Mon to Fri


During Festivals and Holidays

1 Hour

60 yuan/p

80 yuan/p

100 yuan/p

2 Hours

110 yuan/p

150 yuan/p

160 yuan/p

3 Hours

120 yuan/p

180 yuan/p

200 yuan/p

4 Hours

140 yuan/p

200 yuan/p

240 yuan/p

All day

220 yuan/p

360 yuan/p

390 yuan/p

Introduction of Ski Runs


Symbol Color



Average Gradient

Beginner Trail (No.2 ski run)




Beginner Trail (No.3 ski run)




Beginner Trail (No.4 ski run)





Intermediate Trail (No.1 ski run)





Intermediate Trail (No.5 ski run)





Intermediate Trail (No.6 ski run)





Intermediate Trail (No.7 ski run)





Ski beginner Training Trail




Solo Adventure Tips:


70 kilometers from downtown Beijing ( about 1 hour's ride)  in the Jiugukou (Nine Valleys Pass) Natural Scenic Area.

How to Get There?

Take No. 936 bus from Dongzhimen Station to the ski resort directly, which will take about 1 hour. The bus operates from 6:50 to 19:00 every day and departs every thirty minutes from Dongzhimen. Also, the bus operates from 5:00 to 17:00 from the ski resort.

Ticket Price:

20 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

from 8:30 to 17:30 from late November to early March

More Tips:

Snow goggles, snow caps or scarf can’t be rent. You can only buy them there.

Accommodation: There are intermountain log cabins with 12 rooms, with the price of 480 yuan for each. Nearby, there are also peasant households and 43 hotels

Diet: The ski resort has both Chinese and western dinning rooms serving both Chinese food and western food.

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