Jundushan Ski Resort

Jundushan Ski Resort is located at the foot of Mount Jundu in Changping District, about 30 kilometers from downtown Beijing, which is the nearest ski resort to downtown Beijing. Jundushan Ski Resort covers a skiing area of 150,000 square meters, with the Ming Tombs to its west and the famous Xiaotangshan hot spring resort. It has the most difficult advanced ski run in China, safe and comfortable primary and secondary ski runs and appropriative ski training area for beginners. Besides, 8 drag equipments, cableways and over 4,000 ski equipments of a variety can meet skiers of various needs. The ski resort can receive over 6,000 skiers per day. Jundushan Ski Resort boasts comprehensive service facilities, such as Chinese and western restaurants, coffee house, pedicure salon, skiing equipment specialty store and supermarket, providing topflight service for skiers.

Ski Runs

The primary Ski Run includes the No. 1 ski run with the length of 380 meters, the width of 50 meters and the average grade of 10°and the No. 2 ski run with the length of 380 meters, the width of 45 meters and the average grade of 12°. The secondary ski run includes the No. 3 ski run with the length of 530 meters, the width of 35 meters and the average grade of 18°and the No. 4 ski run with the length of 380 meters, the width of 40 meters and the average grade of 16°. The advanced ski run is the No. 7 ski run with the length of 1,200 meters, the width of 30 meters and the average grade of 35°.

Cable car Sightseeing

The trip of a cable car sightseeing of Jundushan Ski Resort is about 2,000 meters long. During the sightseeing trip, you can not only appreciate sika deer in forests, but also watch skiing performances given by experienced skiers at advanced ski run. Besides, tasting coffee in the coffee house on the top of the mountain is another way to enjoy yourself.

Night Skiing

Night skiing is a popular project for skiers. As the best night skiing area in Beijing, Jundushan Ski Resort boasts the high-power illumination system, which can create a comfortable and quiet atmosphere for night skiers. After a day of hard work, you can relax yourself by enjoying skiing under the moonlight.

VIP Exclusive Service Area

The sunlight VIP area and business VIP area are all located in the equipment hall. The business VIP area with delicate decoration covers an area of 64 square meters, which can accommodate 25 persons simultaneously. Besides, as the business VIP area is in the central position of the ski resort, visitors can appreciate the snow-covered landscape through the windows. The sunlight VIP area covers an area of 50 square meters, which can accommodate 16 persons. Visitors can stay in this area enjoying the bright and beautiful sunshine with friends. 

Barrier-free Communication Security

Jundushan Ski Resort is the only ski resort with barrier-free communication in China. Wireless internet is available in the west district of the parking lot, skiing equipment hall, villa area, advanced training area on the main peak and coffee house. 

Ski Equipment Specialty Store

In the 5,000-square-meter ski equipment hall, there are 5 famous professional ski equipment stores selling various ski necessaries.

Dining and Accommodation

The restaurant in Jundushan Ski Resort can accommodate 600 persons simultaneously, mainly providing Chinese and western fast food, such as the tonic deer diet in the Chinese restaurant, the exquisite farmhouse diet of Shanrenju restaurant in the villa area and bake bread, sandwiches and handmade chocolate in Mark Coffee House. Besides, the Aries coffee house in the advanced ski training area of the main peak is also a good choice. For accommodation, the characteristic villas of Russian style and yurts of Mongolian style preferred choice for skiers.

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No 588 Zhenshun Village, Cuiping Town, Changping District, Beijing.

How to Get There?

Take bus No. 345 or 919 from Deshengmen and get off at Dongguan; then take bus No. 12 and get off at Jundushan Ski Resort. Or you can take Subway Line 13 and get off at Longzhe, and then transfer to bus No. 21 and get off at the ski resort.

Ticket Price:

 115 yuan per person for adults

Opening Hours:

 17:00 to 22:00

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