Juyongguan Great Wall


The Juyong Pass, also known as the Juyongguan Great Wall is close to Badaling, at the southern section of Changping County. This is one of the most recently restored parts of the historical Great Wall of China in which it traverses one of the several narrow passes crossed by the Great Wall. The wall is located in the middle of gully of around 20 kilometers. North of Juyongguan Great Wall is an important city, Zhangjiakou and Beijing is located at the southern section. The Juyong Pass is a World Heritage site and is protected to maintain the national and cultural heritage of the venue. For a very long time, the pass was considered a military stronghold.

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The Juyongguan Great Wall has been around for quite some time already in which proof of early fortifications have been made as early as the time of the Spring and Autumn Period up to the Warring States. It was only until the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties that the Juyong Pass was connected to the great Wall. This pass served a great deal of purpose, providing a natural barrier for the capitals of the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Thus, it was a strategic move for the first emperor of Ming Dynasty to restore the Pass in order to ward off the enemies from Mongolia. The Juyongguan Great Wall is not just part of the wall. It is a witness to several fights that happened over the centuries. But of course, beyond its military and war history, is the natural beauty and allure of the landscape where the Juyongguan Great Wall is situated.

Exploring the natural charm

The beauty of the Juyongguan Great Wall is how well it preserves the natural curves and elevations on the sides of mountains. Instead of cutting the mountain, the design wrapped around steep hills, showing the iconic steep staircases of the wall, in which some of them contain terracotta warrior statues, designed to fool the enemy of the actual number of people along the wall. The Juyongguan Great Wall actually consists of 2 passes. The Nan Pass is the one on the south which is associated to the current Juyongguan Great Wall and the one on the north is now called BaDaLing.

The White Tower

The middle section of Juyongguan Great Wall, along the valley is where you can find the Crossing Street Tower also known as the Cloud Platform which looks incredibly beautiful in white marble. The structure was designed in the Yuan Dynasty and is 9.5 meters high. At the base of the platform, you will find an arched doorway intricately designed with animal images. The walls where the doors were placed have inscriptions written as well as statues of gods. According to historical accounts, the platform contained 3 white towers but the other two were destroyed during the time between the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Another temple was created called the Tai’An Temple but it was destroyed during the time of the Qing Dynasty.

Much of the present elements found in the Juyongguan Great Wall were built during Ming Dynasty and restorations were created. The location of this tower is quite strategic since it is a connecting point between Inner China and the border at the north.

When you visit Juyongguan Great Wall, you will not only be enticed to see the historical sights, but also the lush greeneries and verdant valleys. There are also beautiful flowers that add an element of naïveté to an otherwise historically experienced location.

Best time to visit

If you are interested in visiting the Juyongguan Great Wall, you should go when the flowers and trees are in their fullest. Spring or summer definitely is a perfect time to make a visit since the temperature levels are still pretty good and the entire area looks fresh and beautiful. It is a pretty nice location to visit though there are steep steps so you have to be a bit more careful if you want to traverse the entire Juyong Pass. The price is pretty cheap and if you are bringing kids, the fare is much lower for them. The scenic views, lovely greeneries and historical value of the Juyongguan Great Wall will definitely draw a lot of peo0ple to come over and take a visit in this lovely section of the Great Wall.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is in Changping County, 60 kilometers north of central Beijing

How to Get There?

Take bus No. 919, Tourist Bus No. 1 or 5 and get off at Juyongguan. If you drive there on your own, you can take the Badaling expressway via Madian Bridge, the road sign will guide you there.

Ticket Price:

45 yuan in high season and 40 yuan in low season.

Opening Hours:
8: 30 am to 5:00 pm

More Tips:

In the vicinity of the pass, there are several hotels such as the Ancient Inn of Juyong Pass, Liuting Hotel and the Holiday Resort of Jingdu.

Disabled Facility

Buses can arrive at the foot of the Juyongguan Great Wall but visitors can not climb the Great Wall. The scenery is magnificent even just at the foot the Juyongguan Great Wall. Visitors can take pictures there.



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