Nanshan Ski Resort

Nanshan Ski Village, located on Nanshan Mountain some 60 kilometers from Beijing, was the first Chinese ski resort to introduce international-standard snowboarding, having entered into a partnership with the Austrian company, Mellow Constructions, to establish a Mellow Park within Nanshan Ski Village; the Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park has five large jumps, five kickers, seven rails and an 80-meter half-pipe, all constructed to Mellow specifications

nanshan ski resort

Nanshan Ski Village is of course a full-fledged resort for more traditional skiing activities. With its 12 ski trails representing a variety of challenges, Nanshan Ski Village offers enjoyable trails for every skill level. Whether you desire gentle or steep inclines - either with or without moguls (i.e., bumps) - Nanshan Ski Village is your ticket. Hardcore skiers will enjoy the ski village's 600-meter-long Mogul Expert Trail, while novices can pace themselves on increasingly difficult beginner trails. There is even something for the smallest, as Nanshan Ski Village has a snowmobile terrain for kids, and the ski village's 6-person snow football playground is the first of its kind in China.

Nanshan Ski Village has a number of courteous, professional coaches who know how to guide and encourage tender beginners as well as more advanced skiers and snowboarders - they are devoted to sharing their enjoyment of snow sports with others, so that visitors to Nanshan Ski Village get the most out of their "white" vacations.

For those wishing to learn some fancy tricks from experienced snowboarders, a visit to Nanshan Ski Village is a sure bet, as it is the favorite haunt of Chinese snowboarders who are pushing themselves to the limit in preparation for the 2010 Asian Games competitions.

In addition to winter snow sports, Nanshan Ski Village offers year-round activities such as hiking in the spring, grass and water skiing - as well as swimming - in the summer, and fruit picking in the autumn. The requisite equipment for all sports types can be rented on location, and Lanbo Lake offers villa accommodations in a friendly family atmosphere, as well as accommodations for romantic couples seeking a quantum of solitude.


Nanshan Ski Village is situated immediately south of Miyun Town, about 60 kilometers in a northeasterly direction from Beijing.

Opening Hours:

The best snow sports season is from mid-December through March.

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