Olympic Venues in Beijing

1. Basketball Gymnasium
Location: Wukesong Culture and Sports Center, Beijing
Brief introduction: Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, also known as the Wukesong Indoor Stadium, is the venue for basketball preliminaries and finals in the Olympic. It is a gymnasium with three floors underground and four floors above ground. The gymnasium has the capacity for 18,000 spectators. The venue covers an area of 168,000 square meters. The venue is clearly divided into areas for the athletes, the spectators, the media, and the organization.
How to get there: Buses No.33, 337, 370,373,436,620,624,654,711,728,740,748,751,804,817,840,913,952,967,982,983,996 to the bus stop “Wukesong”; Subway line No.1 to the stop “Wukesong”.

2. Beach Volleyball Ground
Location: Chaoyang Park, Beijing.
Brief introduction: Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground is built as the holding base for volleyball event in Beijing Olympic 2008. The volleyball ground is filled with 17,000 tons of fine sand brought from Hainan.
How to get there: Buses No.419 and 985 to the stop “Jingyuan”, buses No. 117、302、31、350、406、419、431、499、635、672、673、675、677、682、731、750、758、852、984、985 to “Chaoyang Park”.

3. Beijing Archery Field
LocationOlympic Green, north of the Hockey Ground
Brief introduction: It is the place for hosting archery competitions in Beijing Olympics, 2008. It is a temporary venue and will be dismantled after the Olympics games. All efforts have been done to keep the venue environment-friendly as per the commitments of the organizers.
How to get there: Buses No. 510, to the stop “East gate of Yilin Jiayuan”.

4. Beijing Hockey Stadium
Location: At the intersection of Beijing’s 5th Ring Road and Beijing-Changping Expressway.
Brief Introduction: As one of the temporary venues built for the Olympics, it is the place for holding hockey matches in Beijing Olympics 2008. During the Olympics, 12 men's teams and 10 women's teams will compete for two gold medals in the venue. The hockey field lies over an area of 15,546 square meters or 11.87 hectares. It comprises fields A and B, plus 14 auxiliary facilities, the stand and parking lots.
How to get there: Buses No. 510, to the stop “East gate of Yilin Jiayuan”

5. Beijing Workers Gymnasium
Location: Gongti Road, outside of Chaoyang Gate
Brief Introduction: Beijing Workers' Gymnasium is a renovated indoor gymnasium, which would host the event of boxing in Beijing Olympics, 2008. The expanded and renovated gymnasium complex includes a 1,628-sq-m energy resource center, a main boxing arena, and two warm-up halls. The Gymnasium will also play a role in the Paralympics, scheduled to be organized after the Olympics culminate. Total land surface of the venue is 40,200 sq m.
How to get there: Subway line No.2, to the stop “Dong Si Shi Tiao”, the go east for about 1,000 meters; Buses No.113、115、118、208、406、416、431、823、758 to the stop “Workers Gymnasium”

6. Capital Indoor Stadium
Location: Baishi Bridge, Haidian District
Brief Introduction: Originally built in 1968, it underwent major renovation and expansion for readying itself for the Olympic. The renovation project imparted the stadium a fresh look with enhanced capabilities. Floor space of Capital Indoor Stadium is 54,707 square meters, expanded from the old 53,000. The stadium has the seat capacity of 18,000. An array of functions was added to upgrade it to the Olympic level. The stadium would host volleyball games in the Olympics.
How to get there: Bus No.209 to “Central University for Nationalities”; Buses No. 332, 645, 732 to “North of Baishi Bridge”; Buses No. 105、107、111、206、209、27、319、332、334、347、360、362、482、601、632、634、697、714、732、808、814 to “East of Baishi Bridge”.

7. China Agri Gymnasium
Location: China Agricultural University (East Campus)
Brief Introduction: The China Agricultural University Gymnasium is an indoor arena, made for holding wrestling competitions in the 29th Olympiad, located in the East Campus of China Agricultural University. The gymnasium will also play host to the volleyball seating competition during the Beijing Paralympic Games. The venue covers an area of 23,950 square meters. Construction of the gymnasium commenced in the first half of 2005. It was ready for public use in July 2007. Seating Capacity of the China Agricultural University Gymnasium is 8,200 which would be reduced to 6000 after the Olympics.
How to get there: Subway Line No.13 to the stop “Wu Dao Kou”, then go northeast for about 1,500 meters; Buses No. 26、419、628、913、963 to the stop “China Agricultural Gymnasium ”.

8. Fencing Hall
Location: Olympic Green, north of the National Stadium
Brief Introduction: Located at Olympic Green in Beijing, Fencing Hall of National Convention Center is place for hosting Modern Pentathlon (fencing and shooting) in Beijing Olympics 2008. The venue would be holding preliminary and final competitions of the event. It will also play a role in Paralympic, hosting the Wheelchair Fencing and Boccia events. The Fencing Hall will witness a large number of reporters due to its location near the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and Main Press Center (MPC).
How to get there: Bus No. 510, “National Stadium”

9. Fengtai Sports Center
The centre is located in southwest of Beijing. It is about five kilometers from the Beijing West Railway Station and close to the Western Fourth Ring road. The centre has a good parking lot.
How to get there:
Bus routes: No. 957, 971, 340, 740, 840, 967, 702, 937, and 973 buses will take you there.
All softball related events in Olympics, 2008 will be hold from August 12, 2008 to August 21, 2008.After some improvements including environmentally friendly and energy efficient materials, such as using solar energy to heat water for athletes and officials, Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field is hosting all softball related events in Olympics, 2008. The center comprises of two warm-up fields, an auxiliary building and some temporary facilities. Its floor area approaches 15,570 square meters. There are 10,000 seats in the stadium. Among them, 5,000 seats are in the main stadium, while 3,500 are in the reserve stadium. And the stadium offers 5,000 temporary seats.

10. National Indoor Stadium
Brief Introduction: National Indoor Stadium is an indoor arena stadium, constructed for Beijing Olympic, 2008. Located in the Olympic Green, the stadium will host artistic Gymnastics, trampoline and handball. It is also the proposed competition venue for Wheelchair Basketball during the Paralympic Games after the Olympics. It has a seating capacity of 19, 000 seats.
Location: The National Indoor Stadium is located in the south of the Olympic Center.
Transportation: Take bus No.510, get off at “National Indoor Stadium” Station

11. Olympic Green Tennis Court
Brief Introduction: Olympic Green Tennis Court in Beijing, which was opened to public on October, 2007, would host all tennis matches in the Beijing Olympics 2008. The venue would host preliminaries and finals of singles and doubles for men and women. The venue has the seating capacity of 17,400 seats, all of which are permanent.
Location: Olympic Green, Beijing
Transportation: Take bus No.407, 328, 305, 315, 839 and get off at “Hua Hu Gou” Station

12. Olympic Sports Stadium
Renovated Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Beijing, will serve as the venue for equestrian and running of the Modern Pentathlon event during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. It owns the total area of 34,975 sq meters, and has the capacity of seating 40,000 spectators. The stadium would host the events of modern pentathlon, running and equestrian.
Location: it is located in the south of Olympic Sports Center
how to get there:
1, Olympic special lines: No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, K12, K16, and K19.
2, Metro Line: No. 10 Metro will take you there directly.
3, bus routes: No. 386, 656, 737, 740, 753, 804, 827, 840, 939, 944, 983, 18, 108, 124, 207, 328, 358, 380, 387, 409, 426, 644, 653, 702, 758, 803, 849, 850, 858, 985, 407, 645, 839.
Equestrian and running of the Modern Pentathlon event during the Beijing Olympic Games will be hold from August 21, 2008 to August 22, 2008.

13. Peking University Gym
Peking University indoor Gymnasium will hold table tennis competition in the Beijing Olympics 2008. The venue is 8 km away from the central Olympic Village. Peking University Gymnasium occupies an area of 26,900 sq meters. This gymnasium has the seating capacity of 8,000 people. Of these, 6000 seats are permanent while the rest are temporary.
Location: Peking University
how to get there:
Bus routes: No. 106, 114, 332, 116, 333, 394, 718, 732, 808, 4, 6, 105, 110, 205, 307, 320, 355, 365, 498, 681, 716, 717, 731, 737, 801, 811, 826, 982 bus
Metro Line:1, No. 10 Metro will take you there directly.
2, first you must take metro line 5 and 13, and then take metro line 10, metro line 10 will take you there.
3, first you must special line for Olympics to Panda Island, then take metro line 10.
Table tennis competition in the Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hold from August 13, 2008 to August 23, 2008.

14. Road Cycling Course
Location: From Beijing's Chongwen District to Juyong Pass
Geared up for hosting the event in Beijing Olympics 2008, the Road Cycling course in Beijing starts at the North Square of Yongdingmen in Beijing's Chongwen District and finishes at Juyong Pass in Changping District. The route ranges a total length of 103.9 km, passing through Chongwen, Xuanwu, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Changping and Yanqing Districts. A slew of parks have been developed alongside the route to make the run soothing. For safety and comfort of athletes and officials, all necessary arrangements have been done.

15. Shunyi Rowing Park
Location: in the Shunyi District of Beijing
Route: No direct buses there, but can take No. 915 to the station of Village Racetrack, and then walk along the east of Olympic Road about 3100mters

Shunyi Rowing Canoeing Park, commenced in 2005 and was completed by mid-2007, is a venue for the Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking and 10 kilometers marathon swimming events in the 2008 Summer Olympics. It has the seating capacity of 27,000 people and over 6 square miles of water. Among all Olympic venues in Beijing, the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park is located farthest away from the central Olympic area. For ensuring smooth transportation for athletes and spectators, Shunyi District has paved a new road-Baima Lu. The new road has enabled athletes to arrive at the venue within 30 minutes.

16. Sports Center Gym
Location: in Olympic Green, China.
Buses Route: No.386、656、660、689、696、740、753、939、944、944、983
Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium in Beijing is an indoor innovated structure. The gymnasium has the seating capacity of 7,000 spectators. It covers the floor area of 47,410 sq m and consists of a 28,000 sq m gymnasium, 15,000 sq m training gym, and 4,410 sq m extension. The venue would host handball event in Olympic, 2008. The new gymnasium has wheelchair accessible ramps and barrier-free restrooms.

17. Science Tech University Gym
Location: on the campus of the University of Science and Technology in Beijing
Buses Route: No.307、484、630、690、836、957

Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium is an indoor venue developed for hosting Judo and Taekwondo events in the 29th Olympiad.The venue covers an area of 2.38 hectares and the total floor space of construction reaches 24,662 square meters. It comprises a main gymnasium and a 50 m X 25 m standard-sized swimming pool. The seating capacity of the gymnasium is 8,024 seats, including 3,956 temporary ones. 4,068 seats are permanent. The prime feature of the gymnasium is the installation of 148 fiber optic light pipes.

18. Triathlon Venue
Brief Introduction: Triathlon Venue is a temporary facility constructed for hosting the sports of Triathlon in Beijing Olympics 2008. Triathlon competitors coming to the venue will have a picturesque natural setting to do their 1.5km swim, 40km bike race and 10km run. Spectator stands with seating capacity for 10,000 spectators have been made.
Location: Triathlon Venue is located at Ming Tomb Reservoir in Changping District of northern Beijing.
Transportation: You can take bus taking bus No.643 or No.919 to get there.

19. University Aeronautics Gym
Brief Introduction: University Aeronautics Gym is holding weightlifting competition during Beijing Olympics 2008. The venue has been renovated and upgraded so that it could fulfill the requirements of an Olympic level event. It has 6000 games time seating capacity.
Location: It is located in the Haidian District.
Transportation: Bus No.331、No.375、No.386、No.392、No.398、No.438、No.484、No.478、No.490、No.498、No.632、No.691、No.693、No.743、No.810、No.836、or No.944 to the “Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics” station

20. University Tech Stadium
Brief Introduction: The venue would hold Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics events in the Beijing Olympics 2008. The gymnasium has the seating capacity of 7,508 seats. The venue has the world's largest prestressed suspension dome ceiling 93 m in diameter.
Location: It is located at the campus of Beijing University of Technology of Chaoyang District in Beijing.
Transportation: Bus No. 29、486、53、or 674 to the bus stop “Southern Gate of Beijing University of Technology”

21. Workers Stadium
Brief Introduction: Workers' Stadium in Beijing, locally known as Gongti or Gong Ti, is a renovated building which would be used for holding the football event in Beijing Olympic 2008. The Workers' Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium. Current seat capacity of the stadium is 70,000.
Location: It is located in the Chaoyang District of north-eastern Beijing, China.
Transportation: Bus No.110、113、115、117、118、120、208、403、406、416、431、673、823、758、or 701 to the station “Workers Stadium”; Subway line No.2 to the stop “Dong Si Shi Tiao”.

22. Wukesong Baseball Field
Brief Introduction: Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field is an indoor stadium developed for baseball competition in Beijing Olympic 2008. The Centre spreads over an area of 63,000 square meters. While the Indoor Stadium can alone has seat capacity of 18,000 people, the fields can accommodate up to 15,000 people. Environmentally friendly materials like epoxy colophony have been used in making the stadium's floors.
Location: It is located on the western part of the Western Fourth Ring Road.
Transportation: Subway line No.1 to the stop “Wukesong”.

23. Yingdong Natatorium
Brief Introduction: Yingdong Natatorium is hosting Water Polo and Modern Pentathlon (swimming) events in Beijing Olympic, 2008. It is one the renovated Olympic venues in China. During the Paralympics, it will be used for training the athletes. The renovated natatorium is environment-friendly and energy-efficient. It can hold 6000 people.
Location: It is located in National Olympic Sports Centre of Beijing
Transportation: You can take bus No.386、656、660、689、696、740、753、939、944、944、983、113 and get off at the bus stop ”Asian Games Village”.

24. It Gymnasium
Brief Introduction: Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium, a distinguished indoor arena, is holding the Olympic Games volleyball events. Design of the venue reflects environmental-friendly, water-saving and energy-saving features. The traffic surrounding the venue extends in all directions. It can accommodate 5000 people.
Location: It is located in Beijing Institute of Technology.
Transportation: Take subway line 10, and stop at Su Zhou Jie station; or taking by bus No.26,323,355,361,365,367,422,425,619,651,811,836,967,Yuntong 201/101, getting off at San Yi Miao stop; Take bus No. 320, 332, 653, 716, 717, 732, 804, 808, 814, 827, T6, Yuntong 105/205/106, and get off at “Nong Ye Ke Xue Yuan” stop

25. Laoshan Bicycle Cross
Laoshan Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX) Venue, the best tracks in the world for BMX cycling, will give birth to the first ever Olympic BMX gold medal. It is hosting both men and women games events. The venue lies over an area of 1.98 hectares and is 300-400 meters in diameter. The track designed according to the current levels of the sport is ten meter wide at the point of start and five meter wide at other points. The track contains jumps, flattops, and several other obstacles. For the safety of the riders and the service life of the track, a bituminous layer has been added at the curve track. The method is applied for the first time in a BMX venue. The construction of the venue has been assisted by the International Cycling Union (UCI) which sent a group of experts to assist in the development of the project.

Location: Laoshan Bicycle Cross is located in Shijingshan District, Beijing.
How to get there: Taking by bus No.1, 325, 327, 337,354,385,389, 472, 621,622,663, 941, 958, 959, 941, 958, 959, stop at Jing Yuan Lu Kou / Ba Jiao You Le Yuan; or taking by subway line 1, stop at Ba Bao Shan station.

26. Laoshan Velodrame
Brief Introduction: Laoshan Velodrome, acclaimed for its excellent design, is a 250-metre oval shaped track, located in the eastern part of Beijing at Shijingshan District. Laoshan Velodrome is a brand new venue for track cycling, exists near the fencing center of the State Administration of Sport. It has a seating capacity of 6, 000 seats.
Location: Laoshan, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Transportation: Subway Line No.1 to the stop “Ba Jiao Amusement Park”, , then go northeast for about 800 meters

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