The CCTV Tower

The CCTV Tower or the China Central Television Tower is a well-known attraction in building, known for providing a bird’s eye view of the whole city thanks to its staggering height. The tower itself is close to Yuyuantan Park and the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The tower’s construction began in January 1987 and was completed in 1994. The tower was opened to the public in October of the same year.

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Fast Facts

  • Address: East Third Ring Road, Guanghua Road, Beijing Central Business District
  • Ticket price: CNY70, CNY90 for Taipingyang Underwater World Exhibition, CNY140 for Beijing Landmark Tour Tickets
  • Opening hours: 8:30-22:00, tickets should be bought before 21:30

What You’ll See There

The CCTV Tower consists of a square, a surrounding verandah, the pedestal, the tower foundation, the turret, and the mast, all of which are worth seeing as it showcases China’s historical telecommunications infrastructure. The pedestal features a traditional double-tiered design reminiscent of ancient Chinese palaces. The turret, which lies 689 feet above the ground, resembles a big palace lantern. At night, the tower is lit up with colored lights that make it look like a giant lantern.

The CCTV Tower is currently the tallest structure in Beijing, China. Aside from its external architecture, visitors should also visit the observation deck on top of the building. The observation deck is at 238 metres and provides a wonderful panoramic view of Beijing. The observation deck also has several restaurants where guests can take a snack or eat a meal while enjoying the view of the city. The biggest highlight, however, is that the deck and the restaurants are revolving, so the guests can enjoy a full view of the city without moving from their seats. The deck and restaurant can hold 250 people at once. Food served is Chinese-style and is in buffet spread. The whole area takes about 80 minutes to rotate.

Other highlights include an indoor viewing hall on the 19th floor, an open-air viewing platform on the 22nd floor, and the Liuyun Hall on the 23rd floor. The Summer Palace, the Chang’an Avenue, and several other key places in Beijing can be clearly seen from the viewing platforms.

On the first floor, you will also be greeted by a huge stone carving hanging on the wall of the East Hall. The carving is an additional sight as it provides an artistic rendition of China’s most famous mountains and rivers.

How to Get There

To get to the CCTV Tower, take City Bus Routes no. 40, 64, 323, 374, 394, 614, 631, 809, 811, Yuntong 102, 103, 108, or 201. Get off at the Space Bridge South Station.

You can also take the subway. Ride Subway Line 1 and get off at the Gongzhufen Station and walk north towards the Bayi lake. You can also take the southeast exit of Jintaixizhao station of Subway Line 10, bus 707, 405 at Guanghuaqiao South.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the CCTV Tower is during the evening. You can take a meal at the revolving restaurant then view the fully lit city from the observation deck. This way, you will also see the tower when it is all lit up.

Travel Tips and Reminders

There is an ocean park constructed at the base of the CCTV Tower. This is called the Taipingyang Underwater World Exhibition. The park is home to hundreds of marine creatures and has several exhibits. It offers yet another attraction to enjoy when you’re at the CCTV Tower.

If you are joining a tour, you can request for a CCTV Tower visit if it is not included in your itinerary. The tower is also a great attraction to add to any science and technology educational tours.

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East Third Ring Road, Guanghua Road, Beijing Central Business District

How to Get There?

Ticket Price:

CNY70, CNY90 for Taipingyang Underwater World Exhibition, CNY140 for Beijing Landmark Tour Tickets

Opening Hours:

8:30-22:00, tickets should be bought before 21:30

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