Xueshijie Ski Resort

The Xueshijie Ski Resort or the Snow World Resort in Beijing is the biggest, if not the best alpine ski resort in all of China. Occupying a total land area of 500,000 square meters, a fifth of the resort space is dedicated to the snow ways alone.

As the eighth best resort in the country, the Xueshijie Ski Resort can service about 1,800 visitors with its comprehensive collection of ski equipment, snowboards and snowmobiles for rent.

A great thing about the Xueshijie Ski Resort is that it’s the nearest resort in Beijing. Those who don’t have time to visit the resorts located at the outskirts of the city can enjoy the same degree of skiing fun at the Xueshijie Ski Resort, as it is located just 30 minutes away from the city center.

Skiing Heaven

At the Xueshijie Ski Resort, you will have everything you have always wanted – and more. It features six trails and ski slopes. If it’s your first time to ski, you can seek the help of the coaches sanctioned by the resort’s training classes. You can take a spin at the 380-meter long beginners’ trails and graduate to the same-length intermediate trail. What’s great about the beginner and intermediate trails is that they are cleverly designed with assistive devices in order to help neophytes enjoy their skiing lessons. As for the experts, they will enjoy the swirls and loops of the resort’s advanced trails measuring 500 meters long.

One of the greatest features of the Xueshijie Ski Resort is night skiing, where visitors can travail the slopes and hills underneath the starry Beijing sky.

Snowboarders will also have a blast at the Xueshijie Ski Resort as it plays home to one snowboard track. With snowmobiles and snowboards for rent, both adults and children will have a fun time roaming around the resort.

A resort for the entire family

Even if you are not keen in skiing or snowboarding, there are many sights and attractions in Xueshijie Ski Resort that you will truly enjoy. The kids will enjoy the spacious snow playground where they can create snowmen and draw snow angels on the ground. Here, they can also ride a sled and play on the snow tubes. They will also love the fireworks display – a spectacle of lights that adults will relish just as well.

What’s great about Xueshijie Ski Resort is that it’s located near the Ming Tombs, the Badaling Great Wall and the Juyongguan Great Wall. If you are looking for a ski resort that’s located near some of China’s top spots, then you should include the Xueshijie Ski Resort in your tour itinerary.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located in the Thirteen Tomb Scenic Area 36 kilometers away from Beijing city, about 0.5 hours' drive.

How to Get There?

From Deshengmen, ride the bus number 345 and alight at the China University of Political Science. You can also take bus 919 or 925 and get off the Xiguan Huandao station of Changping. From here, get inside microbus no.3 and dismount at the Xueshijie Ski Resort. You also have the option of riding a taxi directly to the resort.  

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

8 am to 5 pm 

More Tips:

Contact number: 010-89761886

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