Braised Sharks Fin in Yellow Wine Sauce

Ingredients: shark’s fin, duck, old chicken, white sugar, scallop, yellow wine (famous cooking wine in China), cooked ham, scallion pieces, etc.

"Braised Shark’s Fin in Yellow Wine Sauce” is the royal dish “Tan Family Dish” in Beijing which originated from government official Tan Zongjun’s family in last years of the Qing Dynasty. In Tan Zongjun’s life, he had a passion for gourmet. As of he became an official, he was fond of inviting colleagues to dinner to make a god of his belly. Constantly improving the cooking, mistresses of Tan’s Family gradually formed the unique “Tan Family Dish” which became increasingly well-known. In order to feast their mouth, many officials and celebrities managed to feast guests at Tan’s family with no regard to cost. To the thirties and forties, it has been so well-known in Beijing that there went the saying “no tune in theater community does not imitate ‘Tan’’ (refers to famous Peking Opera performer in the Qing Dynasty); no mouth in food circle does not compliment ‘Tan’ (Tan Family Dish).

Among the 100 famous dishes in Tan Family Dish, the sea food dishes rank the highest with shark’s fin making being the most outstanding praised by many people. Braised Shark’s Fin in Yellow Wine Sauce is the top grade of it. It is made with a whole yellow fish’s fin, namely Lv Song Fin-a kind of yellow fish fin indigenous to Philippine. With a layer of fat meat inside arrayed with muscles, “Lv Song Fin” is of best quality containing a large number of colloid. When it is done, the fin meat is well-cooked in yellow and tasted soft and smooth.

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