Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

Ingredients: Chinese yam, marinated osmanthus, rock sugar, fried white sesame seeds, peanut oil

Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee, with sticky, fragrant and sweet taste, is a dessert served during the Spring Festival. Chinese Yam contains high level of nutrition that can help with anti-aging. It is a traditional dish of Beijing, with at least 100 years of history. Nowadays marinated osmanthus is added and white sesame seeds are peppered evenly on the dish. It is better to consume it while the dish is very hot, but do dip it in cold water before putting it into your mouth, otherwise your tongue may easily get burned.

Chinese Yam is one of China’s traditional medicines, as well as a familiar nutritious food with Chinese people. It is rich in starch, protein, mineral substances, vitamins, fiber, choline and phlegm. According to Chinese medicinal theories, Chinese Yam is nutritious and good for the liver, stomach, and kidney, and helps advance the immune system of human body.

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