Lacquer work

Lacquer work was one of the earliest industrial arts of China. Multifarious in kind and exquisite in workmanship, it is characterized by elegant modeling, beautiful figuration, and the lustrous color. Lacquer work in Beijing falls into two groups: the engraving lacquer work and the inlaid gold lacquer work. The technology of the engraving lacquer work was mature in the 14th century. In this category, bronze and enamel are used to make the body of the ware. Fine Asian ware may have more than 100 coats, each being dried and smoothed with a whetstone before application of the next. The ware may be decorated in color, gold, or silver and enhanced by modeled relief, engraving, or carving. The second of the lacquer work is normally inlaid with ivory, jade, coral, or abalone and were unrivaled in making articles carved from it. The art spread to Korea, then to Japan, where it took new forms. All these two sorts lacquer work featured by the imperial gloss and grandeur are very typical Beijing artwork. .

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