Donglaishun Restaurant

 General Information

Established in 1903, Donglaishun Restaurant is a time-honored Muslim restaurant with a long standing reputation. It’s famous both at home and abroad for its characteristic instant-boiled mutton which features extractive select of materials, super-precision processing and abundant seasonings. Donglaishun Restaurant only selects and uses the mutton of the superior-quality lambs in Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia. The sliced mutton slices are very thin, well-proportioned, regular and aesthetic. The half-kilogram mutton can produce 80 to 100 mutton slices with the length of 20 centimeters and the width of 8 centimeters, and each slice only weighs 4.5 gram. Scald the mutton slices in the boiling hot pot and you can enjoy the tender and flavorful mutton in a second. 
Besides instant-boiled mutton, there are also a variety of Muslim dishes, such as stir frying mutton, roast mutton cubes on a skewer, tremella with chopped chicken, roasted mutton leg, cooked entrails soup, mutton eaten with hands, deep-fried lamb's tail and roast duck. Besides, there are still some characteristic local flavor snacks, such as fried butter cake and sweet walnut paste. At present, Donglaishun Restaurant boasts over 200 varieties of Muslim dishes, with the main cooking methods of roasting, scalding and stir frying. 

Four Distinguishing Features

The Abundance of Seasonings: Donglaishun Restaurant is particular about seasonings. Its seasoning is mainly composed of seven materials, including sesame paste, cooking wine, fermented bean curd, pickled leeks flower, brine shrimp oil, soy sauce and chili oil, which taste flavorful, salty, spicy, fresh and hot. 
Crisp Pickled Sweetened Garlic: Making the sweetened garlic takes about 2 to 3 months. The specially made garlic tastes very crisp, sweet, tasty and refreshing, which is a characteristic of Donglaishun. 
Extractive Select of Materials: The mutton of Donglaishun Restaurant is selected from the superior-quality lambs in Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia where there is abundat tender green grass rich in mineral substance. Thus, the mutton is very tender and delicate.  
Specially Made Mongolian hot-pot: The distinctive Mongolian hot-pot is specially made, which can contain more carbons that can keep burning for 2 hours. 

Addresses of Donglaishun Restaurant (branches)

Donglaishun Restaurant (Shuangjing Branch)
Location: 3rd floor, Donghuan International Building, No. 18, East Third Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-58538999
Donglaishun Restaurant (Qianmen Street Branch)
Address: 2nd floor, No. 143, Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District
Tel: 010-83172716
Donglaishun Restaurant (Dazhalan Branch)
Address: 2nd floor, Jilong Laozhalan Shopping Mall, No. 7, Dazhalan, Xicheng District
Tel: 010-63165836
Donglaishun Restaurant (Xizhimen Branch)
Address: 3rd floor, Chengming mansion, No. 2, Nandajie, Xizhimne, Xicheng District
Tel: 010-51901730
Donglaishun Restaurant (Wangfujing Branch)
Address: No. 198, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District
Tel: 010-65139661
Donglaishun Restaurant (Wudaokou Branch)
Address: No. 13 on 5th floor of Wudaokou Shopping Center, No. 28, Chengfu Road, Haidian District
Tel: 010- 62666199
Donglaishun Restaurant (Tiananmen Branch)
Address: No. 44, Beijing Legation Quarter, Dongcheng District
Tel: 010-65241042
Donglaishun Restaurant (Tiantongyuan Branch)
Address: 5th floor of Longde Plaza, No. 186, Litang Road, Changping District
Tel: 010- 84810880
Donglaishun Restaurant (Xidan Branch)
Address: No. 23, Lingjing Hutong, Xidan, Xicheng District
Tel: 010- 66085221
Donglaishun Restaurant (Shijingshan Branch)
Address: Bajiao Street (west), Shijingshan District
Tel: 010-68862181
Donglaishun Restaurant (Haidian Branch)
Address: No. 25, Yiheyuan Road (Summer Palace road), Haidian District
Tel: 010-62875962

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