Wufu Teahouse

Opened in August 1994, Wufu Teahouse is the first teahouse in Beijing, boasting brilliant tea culture and tea ceremonies. After years of development it has opened 12 branch tea houses. Wufu means ‘five blessings’ in Chinese, including health, fortune, virtue, longevity and good death, which is adopted from the old saying in Beijing, “People have five blessings”. Wufu Teahouse is the pioneer in Beijing which develops tea art and tea culture based on traditional Chinese culture. It has gained acknowledge from tea fans for its elegant tea art and cozy environment.

Wufu Teahouse has antique decoration and tranquil environment. The soft traditional Chinese music together with the lingering fragrance of tea enables you to relax and calm down from hustles and bustles of the city.

Wufu Teahouse not only provides a good environment for people to enjoy tea and publicize tea art, but also sells tea, tea products, tea wares and related books. It collected various famous high-quality teas and more than 1,000 kinds of tea wares from all over China. In addition, Wufu Teahouse invites experts from Yixing (a city in Jiangsu Province which is famous for producing high-quality Yixing clay and pottery) to make Zisha (red stoneware) products on site. Wufu Teahouse has also developed and launched Wufu Tea wares with factories. Through various ways of business operation, Wufu Teahouse aims at spreading tea culture.

You can taste various kinds of teas from all over China at Wufu Teahouse, especially the high-quality Oolong Tea produced in Taiwan. Visitors will be amazed at the more than one thousand kinds of tea wares, such as Zisha pot, fragrance-smelling cup and tea-sipping cupn. Oolong tea, red tea and green tea of all levels at Wufu Teahouse are brewed with purified water, and served with tea dishes or desserts. The tea-ceremony performance team will perform the tea ceremony in front of you. Wufu Teahouse is a good place for people to meet with family, friends or business partners.

Eleven breakthroughs among modern teahouses in Beijing made by Wufy Teahouse are as follows:

1. The first teahouse featuring tea culture in Beijing

2. The first teahouse owning ceremony performance team in Beijing

3. The first teahouse setting up tea ceremony training classes in Beijing

4. The first exclusive teahouse in Beijing selling both tea wares and tea

5. The first teahouse has a website in Beijing

6. The largest teahouse in Beijing, and the first to open up branches

7. The first teahouse making Zisha pots on site in Beijing

8. The first teahouse helping other people to open up and operate tea houses in Beijing

9. The first teahouse training laid-off workers free of charge in Beijing

10. The first teahouse opening up franchised shop in Beijing

11. The first teahouse organizing tea culture tours in Beijing

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