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Cloisonne Factory

Cloisonné is a magnificent and colorful handicraft article that is made within a complex manufacturing process, including inlaying thin gold threads or copper wires into various patterns, hammering the base, inlaying copper strips, soldering, filling with enamel, firing enamel, polishing, gilding and adhering enamels of various colors to copper molds.

Blue is the major color of cloisonné. The making of cloisonné can date back to the Ming Dynasty and became prosperous in the Qing Dynasty, boasting a history of over 500 years. Cloisonné is deeply preferred by people in all ages for its dignified image, marvelous design, palatial appearance, crystal colored glaze, superior quality and bright contrasting colors.

Beijing Huairou Cloisonné Factory is an ideal place to appreciate and purchase splendid cloisonné products. In the arts and crafts exhibition hall, a variety of cloisonné products will feast your eyes, such as various colors of cloisonné bracelets that are suitable for the female of various ages, graceful and poised cloisonné vases of various sizes, exquisite cloisonné rings, distinctive earrings and characteristic pens.

Besides, you’ll be deeply impressed by watching all the manufacturing processes of making cloisonné on the spot. As Huairou Cloisonné Factory is quite near to Mutianyu Great Wall which takes about 15 minutes by bus, a number of tourists would like to visit the factory and have a relax by the way after their visit to Mutianyu Great Wall.

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