Xiushui Silk Market

Silk market(Xiushui Street) is replete with some of the finest silk products, as well as an amazing arrays of name-brand clothes, bags such as Reebok, Adidas, Gucci. But very few of these top labels are the real thing despite their uncanny resemblance. This is probably the reason that serious shoppers usually avoid this market but there is still a lot of interesting things to see and to do. The fun of the place may not come in searching for the perfect bag or best shirt, it comes in the haggling. It may yield a feeling of accomplishment when you purchase an item at maybe 30 percent of the original price. No price is fixed is the golden rule there. The more you haggle, the better price you may get. Xiushui Street is the one of the few places in Beijing where foreign can purchase clothes and shoes in large sizes.

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