Beijing Transport

12 national highways radiate from Beijing to the following major cities: Shenyang, Tianjin, Harbin, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Nanjing, Fuzhou and Kunming and all parts of China. Beijing also has 9 high quality expressways: Badaling Expressway, the Capital International Airport Expressway, Jing – Sheng Expressway, Jing – Jing – Tang Expressway, Jing – Shi Expressway, Jing – Zhang Expressway, Jing – Cheng Expressway, Jing Ha Expressway and the Jing – Kai Expressway. There are altogether 12 long distance bus stations in Beijing.

Long distance bus station telephone number

Liuliqiao Office: 010-83831716010-83831717

Bawangfen Office: 010-87718844

Lianhuachi Office: 010-63322354

Muxiyuan Office: 010-67267149

Beijiaozhan Office: 010-82846760

Sihuizhan Office: 010-65574804

Yongdingmen Office 010-83109307

Lizeqiao Office: 010-63475092010-63403408

Zhaogongkou Office: 010-67229491010-67237328

Xinfadi Office: 010-83727241

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