2022 Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics (the XXIV Olympic Winter Games), also known as Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, is scheduled to be held from February 4 to February 20, 2022 in Beijing, China.

The 2022 Winter Olympics features 109 events over 15 disciplines in seven sports, which will be held in three competition clusters in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. Read on to find more information on the 2022 Games’ venues, events and tickets.

beijing 2022 winter olympics

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Dates

2022 Winter Games will be held from February 4 to 20, 2022, which falls in the Chinese New Year period. The Opening Ceremony will be held on February 4 (the fourth day of Chinese New Year 2022) at the Beijing National Stadium (also known as the Bird’s Nest). Preliminary competition will begin in some sports two days earlier from February 2 to 3. The Closing Ceremony will take place on February 20 also at the Beijing National Stadium.


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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Location

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held in three competition clusters, or zones: Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou.

Located in central Beijing, the Beijing Cluster will stage the opening and closing ceremonies and all the ice events. Seven venues will be used for the Winter Games in 2022 in the Beijing Cluster.

The Yanqing Cluster is located in Yanqing District in the suburbs of Beijing, about 80 kilometers to the northwest of the city. This cluster will host snow events including sliding (bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton) and alpine skiing.

The Zhangjiakou Cluster will host other snow events such as cross-country skiing, skiing jumping, and snowboarding, etc. Zhangjiakou, a city in Hebei Province, is about 220 kilometers (140 miles) from downtown Beijing and 130 kilometers (80 miles) from the Yanqing Cluster.

Yanqing National Sliding Center

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Venues

The venues for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics have been divided into three clusters: Beijing Cluster, Yanqing Cluster, and Zhangjiakou Cluster. 13 venues will be used for 109 events.

Cluster Venue
Beijing Cluster National Stadium
National Speed Skating Oval
Big Air Shougang
National Aquatics Center
Wukesong Sports Center
National Indoor Stadium
Capital Indoor Stadium
Yanqing Cluster Yanqing National Sliding Center
National Alpine Ski Center
Zhangjiakou Cluster National Winter Biathlon Center
National Cross-Country Skiing Center
Genting Snow Park
National Ski Jumping Center
cross country ski

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2022 Winter Olympics Events

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is scheduled to include 109 events in 15 disciplines of 7 sports:

Sport Discipline (Number of Events) Venue
Biathlon Biathlon (11) National Winter Biathlon Center (Zhangjiakou Cluster)
Bobsledding Bobsleigh (4) National Sliding Center (Yanqing Cluster)
Skeleton (2) National Sliding Center (Yanqing Cluster)
Curling Curling (3) National Swimming Center (Beijing Cluster)
Ice Hockey Ice hockey (2) National Indoor Stadium and Wukesong Sports Center (Beijing Cluster)
Luge Luge (4) National Sliding Center (Yanqing Cluster)
Skating Figure skating (5) Capital Indoor Stadium (Beijing Cluster)
Short track speed skating (9) Capital Indoor Stadium (Beijing Cluster)
Speed skating (14) National Speed Skating Oval (Beijing Cluster)
Skiing Alpine skiing (11) National Alpine Ski Center (Yanqing Cluster)
Cross-country skiing (12) National Cross Country Center (Zhangjiakou Cluster)
Freestyle skiing (13) Genting Snow Park (Zhangjiakou Cluster)
Big Air Shougang (Beijing Cluster)
Nordic combined (3) National Ski Jumping Center and National Cross Country Skiing Center (Zhangjiakou Cluster)
Skiing jumping (5) National Ski Jumping Center (Zhangjiakou Cluster)
Snowboarding (11) Genting Snow Park (Zhangjiakou Cluster)
Big Air Shougang (Beijing Cluster)

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New Events for the 2022 Winter Olympics

On July 18, 2018, the International Olympic Committee announced changes to the 2022 Winter Olympics with a goal to increase the participation of female athletes. Seven new events were added, expanding the 2022 Winter Olympics to 109 medal events.

The seven new events are women’s monobob, ski jumping (mixed team), mixed relay team events in short track speed skating, freestyle skiing mixed team aerials, snowboard cross (mixed team), and freestyle skiing big air (men’s and women’s).

figure skating

Beijing 2022 Olympics Tickets

Considering the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) have announced that tickets for the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will only be available to spectators living in China’s mainland.

How to Get Beijing 2022 Olympics Tickets

Tickets for Beijing 2022 are not on sale yet. The International Olympic Committee and Beijing 2022 are still developing ticketing plans.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Emblem

The official emblem of Beijing 2022 “Winter Dream” (冬梦) was unveiled on December 15, 2017, at the Beijing National Aquatics Center.

Inspired by the Chinese character “冬”, the emblem was designed using an artistic rendering of Chinese calligraphy. It resembles a skater at the top and a skier at the bottom, combining traditional and modern elements of Chinese culture, also embodying the passion and vitality of winter sports.

beijing 2022 winter olympics emblem

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot

The mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was unveiled on September 17, 2019. It is a cute panda called "Bing Dwen Dwen" (冰墩墩). This image of a panda clothed in a suit of ice reflects characteristics of Chinese culture, also embodies the characteristics of winter sports and modern science and technology.

2022 winter olympics mascot

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Torch

The torch for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, named “Flying” (飞扬), spirals upward to resemble two overlapping fluttering ribbons, beaming with dynamism and vitality. It features a similar design to the 2008 Summer Olympics torch to honor Beijing being the world’s first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The flame for Beijing 2022 was officially passed to Beijing Organizing Committee for Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games on October 19th, 2021 in a ceremony.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics’ Motto

The motto of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games was unveiled on September 17, 2021, as “Together for a Shared Future.” It represents the power of human beings in the face of global challenges as a community, with a shared future for humankind, expresses the common aspiration of the world to join hands for a better future.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Transportation

To support Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, a transportation network was built to connect three clusters. High-speed railroad and expressways were put into use to provide better transportation.

Beijing – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway

One of the most important transportation facilities for Beijing 2022 is the high-speed railway between Beijing and Zhangjiakou. The newly built Beijing – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway was officially opened at the end of 2019, making the travel time from Beijing to Yanqing only 20 minutes and from Beijing to Zhangjiakou only 50 minutes.

beijing to zhangjiakou high speed train

Beijing – Yanqing – Zhangjiakou Expressways

In addition to the high-speed railway, expressways linking the three clusters of Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou will be built to ensure transportation services between the venues of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. It takes about 20 minutes from Beijing to Yanqing via Jingzang Expressway, 40 minutes from Yanqing to Zhangjiakou via Jingxin Expressway, and 60 minutes from Beijing to Zhangjiakou.

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Hotels

Hotels in the Beijing Cluster

To attend the Beijing 2022 Games, or to watch the games, hotels in the Olympic Area would be your first choice. A bunch of hotels is available in or near this area, including InterContinental Beijing Beichen, North Yayuncun Hotel Beijing, and North Star Continental Grand Hotel, etc. But rooms of these hotels might easily be booked, and room rates will be more expensive than usual.

If you would like to go sightseeing in the meantime, you may consider staying in hotels near tourist attractions. For example, in the Wangfujing Area and Hutong Area

hotels in beijing olympic green

Hotels in the Yanqing Cluster

New hotels have been built in the Yanqing Cluster to support Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The Holiday Inn Express Beijing Badaling and Crowne Plaza Beijing Badaling are good choices since they are close to the National Sliding Center. Both hotels are also well-accessed to attractions including the Badaling Section of the Great Wall and Wild Duck Lake National Wetland Park, as well as shopping malls such as Wal-Mart and Wanda Plaza.

Hotels in the Zhangjiakou Cluster

As of 2021, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee has confirmed 33 hotels and apartments in the Zhangjiakou area as contract hotels for the Winter Olympics, including high-end ski resorts and international hotel chains. Hyatt Place Chongli and Holiday Inn Express Zhangjiakou Park View are excellent choices.

Beijing 2022 Paralympics

Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics, officially known as the XIII Paralympic Winter Games, is an international winter sports event for disabled athletes which will be held in Beijing from March 4 to 13, 2022. Having held the Summer Paralympic Games, Beijing will become the first city in the world to host both the Summer and Winter Paralympics Games.

The 2022 Winter Paralympics features 81 disciplines in seven sports, which will be held in three competition clusters in Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. The Beijing Cluster will host all the ice events. The Yanqing and Zhangjiakou clusters will host all the snow events.

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