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Written by Sally Guo Updated Sep. 27, 2021

When is the best time to visit Beijing throughout the year? September and October are definitely the best months to go to Beijing. Beijing in autumn is dry and sunny, with comfortable temperatures and beautiful fallen leaves.

Here is a picture showing the weather and travel season in Beijing:

Beijing Weather Map

Visiting Beijing in Spring: April to May

  • Average temperature: 9-21 ℃ (48-70 ℉)
  • Average rainfall: 56mm
  • Clothes: cotton-padded jacket, coat, or long-sleeved clothes

Beijing’s spring is short and beautiful, with a large difference in temperature between day and night. The weather is overall mild and dry, but sometimes changes a lot, combined with winds, dust, and sandstorms. The colorful spring blooms make it worth a visit to Beijing.

Beijing Botanical Garden

Beijing Botanical Garden in Spring

Places to Visit in Beijing in Spring

Flowers are definitely the theme of touring Beijing in spring, so here are some recommended sights for you:

  • Enjoy the over 500 varieties of a peony at Jingshan Park;
  • See the 150 apricot trees blooming at the Temple of Heaven;
  • Admire the beauty of more than 10,000 different kinds of flowers and plants at Beijing Botanical Garden.

Visiting Beijing in Summer: June to August

  • Average temperature: 22-31 ℃ (72-88 ℉)
  • Average rainfall: 399mm
  • Clothes: T-shirts, rain gear, sun protection

Summer, from June to August, is the hottest and rainiest season in Beijing, thus believed to be the worst season for travel. Besides, if you visit Beijing in July and August, be prepared for the high-tourist season because it is the summer holiday in China.

Simatai Great Wall in summer

Simatai Great Wall in Summer

Places to Visit in Beijing in Summer

Summer has always been the peak season to travel in Beijing, so let’s pick some relatively less crowded sights:

Visiting Beijing in Autumn: September to October

  • Average temperature: 9-18 ℃ (48-64 ℉)
  • Average rainfall: 110mm
  • Clothes: wind-breakers, light jackets, extra layers
Beijing in Autumn

Mutianyu Great Wall in Autumn

Autumn (October, November) is often recommended as the best season to visit Beijing and the Great Wall. It witnesses the fall foliage in the mountains, with the temperatures comfortable to still enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities, yet escaping the tourist rush of summer.

The mountains are covered with leaves of motley colors: red, yellow, brown, and dark green. There are many fruits in season: grapes, pears, peaches, plums, apricots. You will breathe the pure and fresh country air while hiking the Great Wall. If you are a photographer, you may want to try morning and evening shots when the sun is setting.

Places to Visit in Beijing in Autumn

Autumn is considered to be the most beautiful and enjoyable season in Beijing. There are many other wonderful sights to visit:

  • Put yourself in the charming maple forests of Fragrance Hill;
  • See the fall foliage of ginkgo forest at the Temple of Heaven;
  • See colorful trees in red, gold, and green surrounding Mutianyu Great Wall.

Visiting Beijing in Winter: November to March

  • Average temperature: -5-4 ℃ (6-39 ℉)
  • Average rainfall: 9mm
  • Clothes: down jackets, thick sweaters, hat, gloves, sturdy boots
Forbidden City in Winter

Forbidden City in Winter

Winter in Beijing is long and cold- from November to March of the next year, it lasts nearly 5 months. There might be some snow in December and January- the coldest months, with strong winds and below zero temperature.

It is not a very good time to travel to Beijing, but you can enjoy interesting winter activities like skating or skiing and the cheaper prices for hotels and tickets.

Places to Visit in Beijing in Winter

Winter belongs to the slack season for tourism but it is the best season to enjoy the snow scenes and experience the most authentic old Beijing. Follow the list below and appreciate Beijing’s winter:

  • Visit the Forbidden City after a snowfall;
  • See the Badaling Great Wall winding along with the unending ranges of snow-clad mountains;
  • Immerse yourself in the celebrations of Chinese New Year at the Lama Temple – temple fairs, and Hutongs – festive folk activities.

Times You Should Avoid

Being the capital of China, Beijing has been always the top destination for Chinese people to travel. If you want to avoid the overwhelming crowds and over-priced hotels, it is suggested not to visit Beijing during Chinese holidays:

Spring Festival (late January or early February), May Day (May 1st to 5th), and Chinese National Day holidays (October 1st to 7th), as well as summer holidays from July to August every year.

Visiting Beijing with Us

Visit Beijing with us

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