How to Travel to Beijing from Hong Kong?

Written by Sally Guo Updated Sep. 27, 2021

The distance between Beijing and Hong Kong measures 2,397 kilometers (1,489 miles). There are both flights and trains traveling from Hong Kong to Beijing or vice versa. Clearly taking a direct flight is the best option for speed and comfort.

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Beijing?

Location Map of Beijing's Airports

People who can’t get a direct flight to Beijing from overseas destinations usually get a transfer to Hong Kong. If your travel is on a tight schedule, we recommend you flying from Hong Kong to Beijing directly.

Hong Kong to Beijing Flight

Cathay Dragon Airlines provides about 10 nonstop flights from Hong Kong to Beijing every day, taking about 3.5 hours. The flights depart from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). The price for economy class fluctuates from 171 to 461 USD.

Hong Kong to Beijing Train

If you have plenty of time and don’t want to spend too much on the airfare, it would be a better option to get to Beijing from Hong Kong by high-speed train.

There is only one high-speed train running from Hong Kong to Beijing every day. It leaves from Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station at 08:05 and stops at Beijing West Railway Station, with a duration of 9 hours.

It costs 163 USD for Second Class Seat, 259 USD for First Class Seat, and 507 USD for Business Class Seat.

How to Travel from Beijing to Hong Kong?

As mentioned above, Hong Kong is a popular transfer stop for international travelers. How do you get to Hong Kong after having a great tour in Beijing? The airplane is still the best way.

get to Beijing by flight

Beijing to Hong Kong Flight

There are more than 10 direct flights leaving from Beijing Capital Airport to Hong Kong Airport per day. The flights are provided by Hong Kong Airlines and Cathay Dragon Airlines.

The journey takes 3.5-4 hours and the ticket price ranges from 161 to 526 USD depending on your departure times.

Beijing to Hong Kong Train

 bullet train

Beijing-Kowloon Railway connects Beijing with Hong Kong. It starts from Beijing and ends in Hong Kong, passing by Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou East, Wuhan, Changsha South, Guangzhou South, Shenzhen North along the way.

For people who want to enjoy the Chinese countryside views from north to south, it is the best way to take a high-speed train from Hong Kong to Beijing!

The only high-speed train departs from Beijing West Railway Station at 10 o’clock and arrives at Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station. It takes 9 hours and charges the same as Hong Kong to Beijing high-speed train journey.

Beijing - Hong Kong Travel Tips

1. About Waiting Time:

To allow enough time for queuing for the security and ticket checks and customs procedures, it is suggested to get to the railway station: Beijing West or Hong Kong West Kowloon at least 1.5 hours before your departure time.

2. About Visa-Free Travel:

Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport, and Beijing West Railway Station are eligible for the 144-hour visa-free transit policy in Beijing. For example, if you travel USA-Beijing-Hong Kong, you don’t need a Chinese visa.

3. Avoid Crowds:

Labor Day (May 1-7) and National Day holiday (October 1-8th) are the busiest travel time in China, especially in big cities like Beijing and Hong Kong, so try not to travel during these periods. If you have to travel at this time, plan your trip and book your tickets as early as possible!

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