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Celebrate Chinese New Year in My Hometown-Baise, Guangxi Province

Vivian Feb 18, 2019

Chinese New Year holiday is time for reunion among family and take break after a year of busy work. The holiday filled with delicious food, variety ceremonies of locals pray for good luck, keep healthy, prosperity and good fortune.

I have 7 days off work in new year’s holiday, on the day of new year's eve (lunar 30th), the tradition of my family is do some house cleaning, pasted red couplets on the door, the most important was prepare big dinner at night...

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The Home of Panting Fans - Fuli Anciant Town

Vivian Jan 22, 2019

Last Saturday the weather finally clear up after a month rain, and I was invited to visit an old town in Yangshuo- Fuli Ancient Town. The Town is featured by painted fans, it decorated with painted landscapes, flowers, birds, insects or traditional Chinese girls. They range from the small hand fans for everyday use to large canopies for wall decorations. Many locals in the town are involved in this ancient craft.

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Winter in Beijing – ESCAPE THE CROWDS

Elben Jan 22, 2019

Beijing Hutong Rickshaw

Winter is always considered to be a less-touristy season but it is also the perfect time to reveal and admire the best of Beijing.

Last month, I went to Beijing for business travel with some of my colleagues. The days we were there were dry and cold, but I felt crazy comfortable (especially comparing with the humid-chilly Guilin). The pretty sunshine warmed up our whole 3-day jolly journey.

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I Am Finally in Guangzhou - Go for Food and History

Fabio Jan 30, 2019

When I first heard a Cantonese word on TV 20 years ago, I began to dream live in Guangzhou. There are 9 tones in Cantonese language while there are only 4 in Mandarin. I leant more about Cantonese language and Guangzhou from then on. It is amazing to know that the Cantonese is closer to ancient Chinese than Mandarin! It sounds more beautiful if you read a piece of ancient Chinese poems in Cantonese than Mandarin. However, Mandarin is now the only official language in China.

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