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Sihanouk ville, located in the southwest of Cambodia and about 232 kilometers away from Phnom Penh, is the only port city and seaside resort of Cambodia, being the busiest port of Cambodia and one of the most important tourist cities of Cambodia. It is also one of the top 3 tourist attractions of Cambodia together with Phnom Penh and Ankor Wat. It was originally named Kompong Som and was renamed Sihanouk ville in 1993.

Sihanouk ville boasts a number of tourist attractions, such as the Victory Beach, Weather Station Hill, the Serendipity Beach, Kampot Resort and Mt.Bokor Resort. In the west of the city center, the Victory Beach and Weather Station Hill are the ideal place for traditional backpackers. Besides, in the south of Sihanouk ville, the Serendipity Beach is the paradise for the new backpackers. Kampot Resort is in the southeast of Sihanouk ville with buildings of French style. Mt.Bokor summer resort is the national forest park of Cambodia with lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls in it.

Sihanouk ville boasts superior tourist resources with its 14-kilometer-long coast. The broad and beautiful sandy beaches will gladden the heart and please the eyes. Up to now, there are 4 main beaches, including Sokha Beach, Ochheuteal Beach, Independence Beach and Victory Beach. They keep the original natural environmental landscape for they haven’t been highly developed. Every year, a number of tourists flock there to enjoy the warm sunshine and the beautiful beach, spending a relaxing holiday. Besides, Sihanouk ville has a reach variety of seafood with low price. Thus, tourists can have a great feast there. There is a fishing port located 2 kilometers north of the city, where is also the ideal place for watching the sunset and sunrise. On the sea, there are a number of beautiful islands.

Sihanouk ville is located on the seaside and the weather is cooler than that of other areas of Cambodia. The cool seasons last from September to the following February with the average temperature of 24℃, which is the best time for traveling. The rainy seasons last from June to November and the dry seasons last from December to the following May.

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located in the southwest of Cambodia and about 232 kilometers away from Phnom Penh

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Sihanouk ville is the tourist attraction of Cambodia. Thus, it is overcrowded with tourists on the weekends no matter in peak season or low season. So it’s best to avoid traveling there on weekends.

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