Cambodia Travel Guide

Last updated by joyce at 2017/10/22

Cambodia Overview

Cambodia, named Khmer before, is an ancient Asian country located in Southeast Asia, boasting ancient civilization and a long history. It is situated in the south of Indo-China Peninsula with its official name of Kingdom of Cambodia. Cambodia borders on Vietnam in the east and southeast, borders on Laos in the north, Thailand in the west and northwest and located on the bank of Gulf of Siam. Mekong River runs through the whole country from north to south with the coastline of 460 kilometers. Cambodia is a multiracial country with over 20 nationalities, among which Khmer nationality accounts for 80% of the total population. Buddhism is the state religion of Cambodia and about 80% of the populations believe in Buddhism.   

In the opinion of the world, the modern Cambodia is a country of social unrest with ongoing wars, which made tourists hesitate to travel there. However, the natural scenery, historical sites and brilliant culture of Cambodia survived in the wars and are still prosperous nowadays. For example, the world famous Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located in Cambodia, attracting numerous tourists to watch the wonder each year. In Cambodia, as most of the residents believe in Buddhism, there exist a number of various Buddhist temples with a long history. As the unique historical sites in Asia, it shows the ancient brilliant culture and civilization of Cambodia. Besides, the culture and customs of Cambodia have been isolated from the outside world. Thus, its unique characteristics have been preserved perfectly till now. Tourists can appreciate and know about the ancient original civilization 800 years ago.

Cambodia is located in low latitude, enjoying a tropical monsoon climate with the annual average temperature of 24℃. Summer lasts from May to October. Due to the influence of the southwest monsoon, the temperature in summer averages about 33℃ and there are abundant rainfall. Winter lasts from November to the following April with the average temperature ranging from 25℃ to 32℃.