Jingyuetan Ski Resort

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Located in Jingyuetan (Jingyue Lake) National Scenic Area, Jingyuetan Skiing Resort is 18 kilometers from the center of Changchun City. covering an area of 18 square kilometers. It boasts of gifted location privilege and natural resources. Being different from most of the other skiing resorts, the resort is distinguished for its unique "skiing in the city". Being different from the city, Jingyue tan Skiing Resort is endowed by picturesque scenery and refreshing air. Meanwhile, the resort is blessed with a skiing period of 120 days that is November to March next year.

In order to cater to skiers of different levels, the resort sets elementary run, intermediate run and cross-country run respectively. The three elementary runs are 580 meters, 470 meters and 300meters long respectively with an average width of 30 meters. They are perfect for novices. The intermediate one is 1470 meters long, 35 meters wide and 15 degrees slope which are suitable for middle-level skiers and all kind of non-competitive contests. If you are advanced skier and possess a spirit of challenge, you can try the cross-country trail which is 2.5 kilometers long. Meanwhile, a double-chair cable and three lifts are in service to take skiers up to the top of the trail. A 2800-square meter building can provide sufficient skiing equipment. The prefect weather snow brings fluffy snow and visitors. To maintain the snow, 2 snow-makers are set into place.

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It is located in Jingyuetan (Jingyue Lake) National Scenic Area, Jingyuetan Skiing Resort is 18 kilometers from the center of Changchun City

How to Get There?

There are quite a number of flights and trains daily to Changchuan. If leaving from Changchun, you could take No.102 at Sanma lu and get off at the last station ( jingyue tan). The exclusive bus can transfer you to the resort.

Ticket Price:

The entrance ticket: 10 yuan per person

Sleigh: 50yuan/10 minutes

Skiing: 80 yuan/ hour (including towing cable and facilities renting fees)
Ski instructors: free

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

The best time for skiing is from mid-November to mid-March of the following year.

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