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Changchun Shopping

Changchun Local Products:

Zhenbutong Pickles

There are over 40 Zhenbutong pickles are listed in Jinlin menu, among which the famous ones are barbecued meat, bacon, pork joint stewed with Amomum villosum, braised chicken, smoked beef jerk, smoked yellow croaker, etc. Address: It is located in Yongchun Road.

Dehui Straw Product

It is the local special product of Dehui, the north part of Changchun. It has a history of 100Years. Besides commonplace ryegrass and kaoliang knitting, maize-leaf articles are present major products, which have a natural luster and beautiful and practical. There are many products, such as, cabas, suitcase, casket, bread plate, cushion, bonbonniere, slippers, carpet, etc. The features are: soft and toughness, heat proof and water proof. Now Huide straw product has sold in tens of countries and regions.

Dingfengzhen Cake

Changchun Dingfengzhen Cake has a history of over 60 years. It has a special flavor and is famous all parts of China. The famous ones are: a traditional Manchu food-Shaqima and a traditional fry pastry-Bingliaohua.

Changchun Woodcarvings

Woodcarving is one of old folk handicraft articles in China and has a history of over 2,000 years. Changchun woodcarving adopts the woods and roots of the Long White Mountain, and the hand engrave lucks, mythical characters and famous people in history. It has attractive appearances, exquisite patterns and rich contents.

Changchun Laomaosheng Candy

Changchun Laomaosheng food products factory produces a series of candies. Its products are tasty, nutritious and beneficial for all ages, so it has a good reputation. It grows out of Laomaosheng Candy, with a long history and various products. Famous brand products are: red plum flower brand crystal sugar, red plum flower brand ginseng jelly drops, red plum flower brand young pilous antler jelly drops and silver shield brand cream candy, etc.

Changchun Shops and Stores:

People Square, Chongqin Road and Guangfu Market are luxuriant shopping center. There are also some other shopping malls: Changchun Department Store, Long White Store, International Trade Center, Zuozhan Shopping Center, Euro-Asia Business Center, Friendship Store, etc. Besides, there are many certified stores for tourism to sell some folk art articles. Tourist here can buy authentic ginseng and young pilous antler with cheaper price. And there are rich wild traditional medicine herbs, such as, the bulb of the fritillary, phellodendron, Dangseng, etc. Local special products are the following: Rhodiola, young grass, bracken, edible tree fungus, ganoerma lucidum, etc.