Changsha Window on the World

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Changsha Window on the World a theme park with human civilization history as the masterstroke. It gathers world wonders, historical sites, ancient and modern scenic spots, famous residence of the world, folk-custom, international singing and dancing performances, showing a beautiful world with the coexistence nature and civilization, history, reality and fantasy.

The natural environment of the Window on the World is quite nice, surrounded by trees and grasses. The garden arts style of Europe, east an western Asia add to the beauty and charming of the garden. The famous architectures and sculptures of the world display full-bodied exoticism.

In the plaza, there are duplications of Louvre Place of France and Pyramid of Egypt. In the civilization mountain area, there are Neuschwanstein of Russia, Gold Tower of Rangoon and Tower of Pisa; in the civilization lake area, there are four springs of France, Sydney opera house, ect. These buildings and miniatures lay out the great civilization of human beings for another time.

Besides, there are also all sorts of entertainment activities here. Laser blaze evening brings people the shock of modern technology. The art performance of five continents shows the culture characteristics of each country while the rich performances bring people to a world of fantasy.

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How to Get There?
public bus No 158, 127, 136, 501

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
08:00 – 19:00

More Tips:
1.Cate: there are many kinds of restaurants in the theme park. The Danmark Restaurant is mainly on dishes, coffee, tea. Cate Street of Five Continent is mainly on special food and snacks. Cowpoke Short Order Restaurant is mainly on packages cook after order. Xiangweishiyuan Restaurant is mainly on the food of Hunan area. International Western and Chinese Restaurant is mainly on top grade western and Chinese food. 2.There are some vehicles provided to travel in the park. Electric automobile: RMB 10/each; wecker: RMB 5/each, free to children younger than 5 years old; trolley bus: RMB 15/20 minutes, RMB 20/30 minutes; RMB 40/ an hour. 3.Recommended time: a whole day

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