National Forest Park of Mount Dawei

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Mount Dawei National Forest Park is the famous for its exuberant forest, rich resources, beautiful sceneries and nice whether. It was confirmed as a national forest park in 1992.

Mount Dawei gorge drift is located the reaches of Huamen River, Mount Dawei Gorge, at the south foot of Mount Dawei National Forest Park. Huamen River gatheres the springs of the places of Mount Dawei nearby and forms the densest waterfall group in Mount Dawei. The gorge is deep and remote, with cliffs and high mountains. The river is as clear as crystal. It is a original natural scenic spot without pollution. The riverhead of the famous Liuyang River was formed here.

Mount Dawei Gorge – Huamen River is a natural drift river. On the way, there are 48 deep pools, 48 shoals, 39 bends. There are also beautiful legends about Longwang Lake, the River of Lute, Qingcong Gorge, Die for Lover Cliff, Dragon and Tiger Shoal, Tortoise Burble, Dress and making Up of Beautiful Girls. It is real a nice place for lovers.

The whole route of drift is about 12 kilometers, taking 2.5 hours.

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How to Get There?
4 hours drive from the bus station of Changsha to Mount Dawei, (through Changsha – Yongan Highway to Liuyang City)

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Opening Hours:
the whole day

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Recommended time: two days

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