Tianxin Pavilion

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Changsha is a city with long history, so there are some historic sites and Tianxin Pavilion is one of them. Tianxin Pavilion is a pavilion standing on the ancient walls. It has been famous in Hunan area since ancient times.

It is located on the ancient rampart of Changsha. It was built by the general of comforting the army Yang Xi in 1746, the 11th year of Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty. It got its name from Shangshu (the Book of Documents). It covers a total area of 864 square meters, which was the tiptop of the city at that time. The existed pavilion was rebuilt in 1983, of the timberwork-like style, with brown tiles, painted pillars, three layers and corridor. The whole pavilion is of the distribution of arc. The main pavilion is supported by 60 wood pillars, with 32 copper bells, 10 kissing dragon. On the stone balusters at the front and back, there are 62 stone lions, as well as some stone carvings of carriage, horse, club, bamboo and lotus, showing the style and features of Changsha as a famous city of Chu and Han. There are also some precious calligraphy and painting by famous people treasured up in the pavilion.

Tianxin Pavilion consists of three pavilions and one corridor. The main pavilion is 17.5 meters high of three layers, with granite base. Under the eave, there hangs a plaque of "Tianxin Pavilion".

The ancient rampart of Tianxin Pavilion was built during the Hongwu Period of Ming Dyansty. It was part of the city rampart at that time, with the function of military recovery. Of this part of rampart, there are nine emplacements. There is a attached city, forming a double-city structure of semi-closed. The whole wall was built with bricks, with stone base and has been repaired for many times. In 1993, the group sculpture of "the Soul of the Army of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" was built on the ancient rampart of Tianxin Pavilion.

In the pavilion, one can enjoy the whole scenery of Changsha City.

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public bus No 108, 315

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6:00 – 22:00

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Recommended time: 2 hours

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