Pingquan Liaohe River Scenic Area

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The Scenic Area of Pingquan Liaohe River covers an area of 230 square kilometers.  The region is abundant in mountains, springs and other water sources, and is where Liaohe River originates.

Beauty of the scenic area is regarded as an uncanny work of nature, which gathers mountains, forests, grasslands, clear springs and odd rocks. Sights are given such imaginable names as Crocodile Looking Over the Rock in the River, Seal Trying on a Hat Rock, the Supernal Toitorse Rock and Rock River.
One thing the visitor should not miss is the Jiulongfan Poplar.  The crown of the tree is extensive which cover nearly 750 square meters, with nine branches and trunks either bullish or cernuous or extended horizontally, crooked and whirlabout. It is called a miraculous tree under the heaven by some experts in China.

The main peak-Mayushan Mountain with an elevation of 1,738 meters above sea level forms the main part of this scenic spot  It is said that the region was for herding the horses of some Wangye (in China, wangye is used to address the brothers of the headman in a tribe or the brothers of the emperor in a country) during the Liao dynasty.  The mountainside is covered by woods. At the foot of the mountain flows loquacious Streams.

The meadow in the mountain is wide and vast, on which luxuriant grasses grow as tall as one’s waist. The grassland dotted with wild flowers looks like an extensive embroidery.

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60 km to the northwest of Pingquan County, 150 kilometers away from Chengde.

How to Get There?

From Chengde to the scenic area: drive along National Line 101 to Pingquan county, then drive towards north onto Pingqingle Road up to Liangzi town of loess, go further towards northwest along Liangzi-Dawopu traveling road, and finally, you get to the destination.

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50 yuan

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