Wuling Mountain Scenic Spot

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Wuling Mountain, surrounded by Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Chengde and Qinhuangdao, has a very convenient transportation to theser cities. It is the chief peak of Yanshan Mountain with an altitude of 2118 meters. The park in Wuling Mountain, possessing a floor space of 14,400 hectares, 76.2% of which is covered by forest, is a nature reserve of national level as well as a forest park of province level. Most peaks of the mountain are more than 1500 meters high. The main sights are the scenic spots of Xianren Tower, Lianhua Pool, Waitao Peak, Qipan Well, Longtan Waterfall, Wulingzi Stone and so on and so forth.

Wuling Mountain is abundant with natural resourses, whose natural environment is also very excellent. The waterhead flows eastward into Panjiakou Reservoir and westward into Miyun Reservoir. The south branch and north branch of airflow join in this scenic spot. Therefore, it is cool with profuse rainfall and an average temperature of 7.6ºC. However, the highest temperature in summer is up to 28ºC.

Wuling Mountain is a green pearl on the Beijing-Chengde traveling line. For it has not only prolific animal and plant resources, but also magnificent natural scenes. As a royal forbidden area of geomantic omen in Qing dynasty, it is centuries-old, blocked out as long as more than 260 years. Wuling Mountain is reputed as the No.1 Mountain in the East of Beijing due to its catching scenery and intact natural eco-system.

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Take a regular coach to Xinglong county in Dongzhi Gate Coach Station. And the reception desk of Wuling Mountain sets fifty meters in front of Xinglong railway station. In mid-seasons of traveling, special buses go back and from through to Lianhua Pool, the Lotus Flower Pool.

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You, as a tourist, can either rent a car to visit the whole garden in a group or take a circular touring bus from one section to another. There are nameboards in Clock-and-drum Court, Xianren Tower, Lianhua Pool and Longtan parking lot. The bus set off regularlly following the route of Clock-and-drum Court---Xianren Tower---the top of Lianhua Pool--- Lianhua Pool---Longtan. You can arrange a traveling journey most suitable for yourself according to the time and routes on the nameboards.

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