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Chengde Local Products:


Woodcarving is a well-known handicraft. It takes the proper and precious wood of the mountainous region in Chengde as its raw material. The wood is used to make walking sticks, furniture and other craftworks and to carve quite special designs on these arts and crafts. The walking stick in Chengde takes the hulls of the wild walnuts and a rare wood in the mountainous city, a wood opening in the light and shuting in the dark>,> as its material. The hull of the wild walnut is a special product in Chengde mountainous region. Its texture is hard and grain clear-cut. The wood opening in the light and shuting in the dark is a rare and precious wood material. It only grows in Chengde mountainous region and in the Summer Resort. The woodliness is pure white and flawless, as exquisite as jade. Its looks like the ivory in appearance. A walking stick, made from the two materials and with the sceneries of Chengde’s scenic spots and the design of Pan dragon carved on it, is an optimal gift for re

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Silk For Weaving And Brocade For Hanging In The Summer Resort

The brocade for hanging takes the representation forms of Chinese traditional Zhongtang Drawing. It paints on the surface of the light yellow and French grey satin a group of landscape garden buildings, which can only seen in the Summer Resort. Pavilions and attics, fountain and waterfall, everything should be there is there. The design due is graceful and refreshing. It uses the typical reality-writing technique used in the court pictures, with remarkable regional features and bright national styles.

Folk Paper Cutting

Paper-cutting is a popular handicraft in the folk, having quite a long history. The style of paper-cutting in Chengde is exquisite and distinctive. Paper-cutting draws materials extensively. In addition to the traditional contents such as flowers and birds, fish and cherub, the famous sights of the Summer Resort and of the eight temples and the classic Chinese masterpieces are the thematic contents of paper-cutting. Paper-cutting employs the technique of symbolization and exaggeration. So it has a luscious local breath.

Almond Dew

Chengde abounds in almonds. It is big and sweet, vulgarized as haricot. Long long ago, the imperial kitchen used the fountain water in the Summer Resort and almond to confect almond dew for the emperors, their concubines and the ministers. Almond dew has the function of reducing the fat of the body and maintaining the skin.

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