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Chengdu Culture Park

Located on Qintai Road, Chengdu Culture Park is next to Qingyang Palace and is built on the site of the previous Erxian Abbey, covering about 150 hectares. It features both culture and popular diversions.

What makes this park special for your culture tour

● A tribute to martyrs 

In the park, there is a martyrs’ monument in honor of 36 martyrs who had fought and gave their life for the liberation of Chengdu from the corrupt governance of the Kuomintang but were secretly executed by the Kuomintang just before the liberation.

● An insight into local lifestyle

It is an area frequented by local people enjoying tea and Sichuan Opera, chatting, playing mahjong, fishing and so on. Walking into this park, you will have an insight of how local people have long lived their life.  Chengdu people are famous for their slow and peaceful lifestyle which can also make visitors relax. Even at the entrance of the toilet is a big tank with cute fish playing in it!

● Flower festivals

In every spring and autumn, flower festivals with different themes are open to everyone. Tens of thousands of bonsai of various kinds and colors such as peonies, azaleas, begonias, geraniums, pansies, carnation and so on would lead visitors to believe they are in a wonderland. The decorative flower models are impressive, which are of different sizes and shapes. For instance, there are huge carnation flower models made from hundreds of small ones; yet there are also animal models like shrimps made from orange flowers. More than that, visitors can expect to watch a fabulous show of flower arrangement by local folks who have made this art. During the flower festivals, singing, dancing and acrobatics performances in this park are another choice of entertainment. Meanwhile, there are also photography and Chinese calligraphy displays. For gourmets, food exhibitions with local characteristics won’t be disappointing.

● Lantern Festival Carnival

During Chinese Spring Festival, there is also a lantern festival carnival at night. With colorful lights and interesting lanterns, local people use their own way to celebrate the New Year until late night. Usually, there is also a lantern riddle solving contest.

● Shu Feng Ya Yun Tea House

Shu Feng Ya Yun tea house provides a wide range of traditional Chinese entertainment ranging from Sichuan Opera, wind and string instruments, comedy skits to incredible juggling. Visitors can enjoy Sichuan Opera with mask-changing, fire spitting, Chinese traditional music and opera costumes here. There is also hand shadow show to amuse customers. All these are integral parts in Chinese opera culture.

● The Great Art Relief Wall

 It is 12 meters high and more than 80 meters wide. The relief wall displays vividly hundreds of figures with different poses and from different dynasties. The wall also reflects Chengdu people’s traditions of appreciating flowers and lanterns which have lasted for thousands of years, dating back to Han Dynasty (BC206 --220). The relief wall stands out in both exquisiteness and scale. In addition to that, it carries the cultural significance of Chengdu with it.

●Zhiji Stone

This stone is 2.12 meters high, 0.8 meters wide with big base yet small head. It is brown. According to folk legend, it was for a fairy maiden who got married with a common cowherd to weave, thus it was from the Heaven. According to history, the huge stone was used for sacrificial ceremonies in ancient times from the tomb of ancient king of Shoo.

● The Pavilion of the Eight Trigrams

This pavilion features eight stone pillars carved with dragon patterns. On the base of the pavilion, there are elaborate paintings of flowers, feathers, and beasts. On the dome, colorful paintings make this pavilion grand; while on the outside, the green tiles in ancient fashion make this pavilion elegant.

Nearby attractions

Qing Yang Palace covering an area of 40,000 square meters is among the oldest and the most well-known Taoism Temples across China. It is right next to Chengdu Culture Park.
The Long and Narrow Alleyway is minutes’ walk from here. There are various local foods. It is suggested that go to the Alleyway before the show as most shops are closed after the show.


 No.9 Qintai Road , Chengdu

How to Get There?

 Take No.11, No.19, No.27a, No.27, No.34a, No.34, No.35 Bus or Metro Line 2 to Qingyang Palace.

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