Chengdu People Park

Chengdu People's Park is located in the Shaocheng Road in Qingyang District, covering an area of 112,639 square meters. It is comprehensive garden of a collection of cultural relics and leisure entertainment in a body. The park was first built in 1911. There are a series of scenic spots such as the Goldwater Creek, Goldfish Island, and Bonsai Garden.

What to See

Goldwater Creek

Goldwater Creek is located on the lotus pond on bottom of the West Mountain in the Chengdu People’s Park. The bottom of the river was paved by smooth pebble and the banks of the creek are covered by the cobblestones. Along the creek, visitors are placed in a forest of peach trees, willow, yellow oak tree, hang silk hitom, wintersweet, lobular privet, gold leaf privet, red leaves the barberry.

The Xinhai Railway Project Crisis Square

To commemorate the revolution movement to protect railway in sichuan province, the newly revolution square was built. There visitors can see the ground flat relief and the monument body bas-relief about the history of Xinhai revolution struggle to protect railway in sichuan province in 1911.

Goldfish Island and Yongju Teahouse

The Goldfish Island is located between Heming Teahouse and artificial rockery waterfall. In this scenic spot, visitors can appreciate the goldfish, see the local people fishing on the bank of the lake and have a taste of tea in the old teahouse. There are more than 10 types of goldfish and treasures goldfish on the island. In the early period, the Yongju Teahouse was the famous Taohuayuan restaurant.

The New East Gate Rockery Square

The new East Gate Rockery Square is located in the east section of Chengdu People’s Park and neighboring the Banbianqiao Street. It covers an area of 10,600 square meters. Visitors can appreciate the landscape of the large-scale artificial rocks.

Fragrant Thoroughwort Garden

After the founding of new China, there were 18 kinds of fragrant thoroughwort planted in the park with more than 1,200 pots. The Fragrant Thoroughwort Garden covers an area of 880 square meters. The front of the garden is plastered wall, on which inlays the beautiful window painting orchid and bamboo. There is a square pavilion in tree shape behind the circular arch gate. This Fragrant Thoroughwort Garden is the biggest bluegrass in Chengdu urban parks landscape garden.

Bonsai Garden

With rest gallery and lotus pool inside the garden, pool land is piled with rockery, configurating Radix Ophiopogonis and cuckoo. Lily, lotus, callas, umbrella grass, calamus and other aquatic are planted in the pool water. The campus is full of lush trees, bamboo, tree shade and the environment is quiet. More than 200 basin of bonsai are on exhibition perennially, of which there are more than 20 landscape bonsai, more than 180 stump bosai miniascape including elm, ginkgo, podocarpus, violet flourishing, gold marbles and iron terrier haitang ancient trees.

The East Rockery and Artificial Lake

The East rockery was first built in two years of the republic of China. The whole East Rockery is 130 meters long, 48 meters wide and 30 meters high. The primitive simplicity, elegance Goldfish Island and the Yongju Teahouse is located in the middle of the lake. The East Rockery and the Artificial Lake is the sightseeing landscape for visitors to escape from the hot summer, row boat in the lake and have entertainment in the holiday and festival.

The West Rockery

The original West Rockery was the big flower nursery and the fountain pool. In this scenic spot, visitors can have a stroll within the forest of plum blossom, peach blossom, gongxieli, quince, podocarpus, bamboo, camphor.

Zhenliu Tea Garden

Zhenliu Tea Garden is one of the historic tea garden with Heming Teahouse in Chengdu People’s Park. It covers an area of 300 square meters. It is located on the West Hill. It was the meeting place for the students and scholars. In Zhenliu Tea Garden, the trees are lush, the spring is flowing, and the flowers smell good, the rock stands and rich in pavilions. It is a collection of history and the place for rest in modern time.

Special Days

Visitors come to visit Chengdu People’s Park have an opportunity to appreciate the chrysanthemum show and the lotus flower show. Visitors will walking in the sea of flowers and enjoy the colorful landscape of the chrysanthemum and the lotus.

Nearby Attractions

Chengdu enjoy a fame of the land of abundance, the beautiful scenery always attracts visitors a lot and also the city of cate. To appreciate the charming scenery, the Wangjiang Tower Park, Mt. Qingcheng, Longchi National Forest Park is a must-see and the Jinli Street and Chunxi Road give visitors places to enjoy the delicious food in Chengdu.

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      No.12 Shaocheng Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

How to Get There?

- take metro No.2 and get off at the station of Renmin Gongyuan;

- take public bus No.5, 13, 43, 47, 53, 58, 62, 64, 78, 81, or 905 and get off at the station of Renmin Gongyuan.

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