Jinli Street

Jinli Street is situated in the south district of Chengdu city, the east to Wuhou Temple (the most famous Three Kingdoms period (220 - 280) relic in China). It is a place where visitors can enjoy the delicious Sichuan food and snacks and the local remarkable folk culture.

Jinli street appeared during the Qing Dynasty and undergone large renovation and restoration in 2004. Now it is a popular walking street for both the locals and visitors. 

 Old buildings line the street and housed inside these buildings are tea houses, stores and hotels. The polish flagstone-paved road allow visitors to imagine life here long ago. Wandering into a store at random, visitors will discover various kinds of Embroidery, lacquerware, folk handicrafts, curios, or calligraphies and paintings of celebrities, which provide good shopping opportunity as well as feast for eyes. 

There is a wooden stage which looks like an ancient pavilion in the middle part of the street. Classical Sichun Opera are performed here on a regular schedule. The funny shadow puppetry show or hand puppet put on by folk artisans is perhaps the most interesting things to watch. The shadow puppetry show has a history of more than one thousand years in China. It displays interesting Chinese historical stories with little puppetries.

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On the traditional Chinese festivals such as Lantern Festival, Mid-autumn Day, Dragon Boat Festival, there are various kinds of activities in Jinli Street.

Visitors also can find bars and cafés in Jinli Street, all with classical layout, antique wooden chair, red wooden gates and windows engraved with flowers, which bring a sense of modern to the ancient street harmoniously.

The snacks here are also very famous. Visitors can find almost all Chengdu local snacks in Jinli Street.

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Located in the south district of Chengdu city, the east to Wuhou Temple

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