Longchi National Forest Park


Longchi National Forest Park is located in Longxi County (in the northwest of Dujiangyan City). High mountains, lakes, streams, waterfalls and other geographical scenery in this spot makes Longchi National Forest Park an all-season place of tourism for flower view (spring), resorting (summer), leaves view (fall) and snow viewing (winter).

The geomorphologic structure of Longchi Scenic Area formed over 1.9 millions before in the late Triassic. Wild animals and plants are very rich in resources. Living fossils such as Davidia involucrate, Lianxiang trees, silver pheasant, round Xieyulan and other endangered plants vigor here. The wildlife here is the golden monkeys, pandas, antelope, cock rock and cattle. This place is regarded as wild plant gene bank and animals’ natural paradise.


The scenery in this spot is wonderful as thick forest covers the whole area, range upon range of mountains stretch, forming a natural painting. The natural environment here is peculiar as looks of the forest changing in different seasons, clear water in Longchi Lake rippling, trees on the mountains standing high, waterfall hanging on the cliff and plants on the ground growing vigor. The scenery is the combination of lake, rocks, villages and waterfalls, showing people how unique, steep, peaceful and great it is. Longchi National Forest Park is all-season place of tourism for “flower view (spring), swimming (summer), leaves view (fall) and snow viewing (winter)”. In spring, all plants vigor and flowers like primrose, rhododendrons, peonies and wild lilies blossom and cover the whole area; in the hot summer, this place is a summer restoring as tourists boating in the lake or playing in the stream. The sound of the mountain stream, song of birds and the light wind bring you coolness; in the fall time, the red color of maple leaves change the color of the forest and the gold fallen leaves change the color of the ground; when the winter comes the mountains were covered with silver snow and the lake become just like a mirror. Main spots: Temple Gate, Platform for Rain Praying, Longwang Temple with great halls and side halls.

80 meters above Longchi Lake water level sits the biggest Longwang Temple in China. The structure group consists of Temple Gate, Platform for Rain Praying, great halls and side halls.

The golden roof and jade altar is solemn and great, coordinating the religion, philosophy, art of praising water and dragon, appreciating human life being in a highly harmony with nature. Yaochi Palace appears on side of Longchi Lake just like the fantasy. On the bank here’s also a ruins of the Himalaya Range movement 6,000,000 to 7,000,000 years ago. This open and large area name Yulong Garden is filled with peculiar rock, ancient woods, green bamboos and mosses.

Scenery Spots

1. Sunshine Rock Waterfall

Sunshine Rock Waterfall is located at the left side of the park entrance. It is named so because the rock faces the east and gets directly shined by the sun. The 100-meter high and 20-meter wide Sunshine Rock Waterfall falls down from halfway of the mountain, making water splash to the deep lake and down to the foot of the mountain. There’s another waterfall above Sunshine Rock Waterfall, with a drop height of about 60 meters. In rainy days, the waterfall makes thunderous sound. You can imagine how great it should be.

2. Longchi Lake

Longchi Lake covers an area of about 13,000 square meters. The water in the lake is clear as a mirror, reflecting the mountains and trees. Every year migratory birds such as swans, yellow ducks, bamboo partridges and mandarin ducks come to this lake. It is said these birds will keep the lake clean by taking the rotten leaves away to the woods. Thus, the lake remains clean and clear as the mirror.

3. Yulong Garden

There’s an area covering more than 80,000 square meters filled with peculiar rocks located beside Longchi Lake. In the garden stand tons of giant rocks and peaks, forming countless deep and complex valleys, cliffs, caves and forests of stones. What’s more amazing is that thousands of mosses and peculiar plants such as rhododendrons, cercidiphies grow on the granite rocks. Some plants grow on top of the rock with the roots stretching down to the earth; some rhododendrons grow in the mosses and live with the stone; some trees with ages of thousand years hold the rocks firmly with their giant roots, forming the “couple of wood and stone” relationship which is usually seen in virgin forests. Footways are opened in Yulong Garden now for tourists’ convenience.

4. Longwang Temple

Longwang Temple sits on the high platform beside Longchi Lake. It is where official and common people pray for the rain in old times. Qiang people who live in the area of Maoze believe in Dragon God and they send representatives to Longchi Lake to pray for the rain every year on June 23rd (Lunar Calendar). According to the record, Longwang Temple was firstly built in Year of Kaiyuan (Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty). During Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yongzheng appointed the Dragon King of Longchi Lake as the Dragon King of Xianyou, and made a tablet for the temple writing: Zepeichuanyuan (means give enough rain to Sichuan). Now the architectural group of Longwang Temple consists of Temple Gate, Platform for Rain Praying, Longwang great halls and side halls. The gate of temple is located at both sides of the platform, forming an altar surrounded by stone fence. There’s a Bagua made by white jade in the middle of the platform for praying. In the great hall there are 5 colored figures of Dragon gods. The yellow dragon in the middle represents the ancestor of Chinese people (Emperor Huangdi). The other 4 beside is green, red, white and black dragons. The figures show the theme of “5 dragons discussing business”.

Snow Festival of Longchi Lake

Snow Festival of Longchi Lake is first started in the end of 1995. It is an important solar term in Dujiangyan City.

The festival lasts 3 months from December to March next year. During this time there is Christmas’ Day, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Women’s Day, proving people from the Southwest a good place to sepnd their holidays in winter, which are becoming a golden route of winter tourism for people of the Southwest.

In the festival there are these programs: ice figuring, snow figuring, cross-country skating, free skating, high slope skating, photo taking and so on. Bringing people back the original and pure nature has become a new fashion in this century. Longchi Scenic Area –the shining pearl of Chengdu will just provide the beautiful and fantastic wonderland for people who want to return to the nature.

Best season for touring: January to March

Solo Adventure Tips:


in Longxi County, Dujiangyan City, in the northwest of Chengdu and 84 kilometers away from Chengdu City

How to Get There?

There are shuttle busesfrom Chengdu Ximen Station to Dujiangyan every 10 mimutes every day.

Ticket Price:

Ordinary times: 22 yuan per person
During ice and snow festival from January to March: 50 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

from 8:00 to 17:00

More Tips:

The best time to visit Longchi National Forest Park is in autumn and winter.

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