Sichuan University

Sichuan University is located in the China's famous historical and cultural city, the Land of Abundance-Chengdu. There are three campuses in Wangjiang, Huaxi and Jiangan, covering an area of 7,050 hectares. Sichuan University is one of the 985 Project and 211 Project key construction universities. Sichuan University is not only the study place for students, its historical deposition and the beautiful campus attracts a lot of visitors to have a travel to the famous university.

Sichuan University was established in 1896 featuring the characteristics of “western culture and western art”. It adopted western teaching method in early period of China. In 1994, Sichuan University was combined with the Chengdu University of Science and Technology, renamed the Sichuan Unite University. Later in 2000, the West China University of Medical Sciences was merged into Sichuan University. It became the West China Medical Sciences Center of new Sichuan University.

What to See

Architecture of Sichuan University

Wangjiang campus
Three campus of Sichuan University have its own concept of design. All they give expression to is the historic university feature and the culture of the university. The gate of Wangjiang campus of Sichuan University has the same style to the ancient city gate of China. Four red pillars stand straight and burden dark green eaves and tiles. Standing under the gate, visitors will feel like coming to the ancient China. The study atmosphere comes out naturally.

The Administrative Building of Wangjiang campus was designed by the Chinese famous architect designer, Liang Sicheng. It has been listed into the protection of cultural relics of the state construction and become the landmark building of Sichuan University. Axis of the east gate is the masterpiece of the famous Chinese architecture master, Yang Tingbao.

West China campus
The West China Medical Sciences Center of Sichuan University is the West China campus. The architectural style is different to the other two campuses. It is a combination of Chinese and Western elements experiences hundred years and witnessed the collision and fusion of Chinese and western culture in the early time of the last century.

There is a famous belfry called West China Belfry, also called bell tower. It is the landmark architecture of West China campus. Heavy hammer type mechanical core of the tower has been running continuously for 80 years. Fred Rowntree put the bell tower in the centre and stretched towards south and north position as the axle wire.

Jiang’an campus
The main features of the overall design broke the previous campus axis symmetric structure pattern. The gate is built of stones and appears grave and steady. It implements function division, putting classes of teaching, experiment, books, management building inside the rotary road of 2.2 kilometers long and 24 meters wide. There is the longest footbridge among Chinese University called the Long Bridge is covering over the Jiangan river and Mingyuan lake, connecting the Knowledge Square and the Youth Square.

Local Food Nearby

Chengdu is the most famous cultural city in China and the best tourism city of China, burdening thousands years of history. The UNESCO creative cities network gave it a name of "the city of delicious food". Around the community-like university, there can be found a lot of delicious local food. Out of the west gate, the Kehua Road is very flourishing. It is the popular Catering entertainment street. Out of the south gate, there are many snack bars.

hot pot

The words “food can be found in three out of the four gates” is just the most appropriate description to the Sichuan University. Visitors will have a taste of the Sichuan spicy hot pot, Beef soybean curd, water ice and a lot of other delicious foods around the university. The price of the delicious food is cheap for they are almost prepared for the students.

Nearby Attractions

Sichuan is the home to the panda in China, visitors will have the fortunate to see the lovely panda in the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center. The natural environment is also popular for the visitors to travel to. Mt. Qingcheng is one of the famous mountains in Chengdu where visitors can appreciate the charming landscape of Chengdu. In Huanglongxi Ancient Town, visitors will experience the ancient culture of Chengdu.

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Wangjiang Campus: Sichuan University, No.24 South Section 1, Yihuan Road, Chengdu , China, 610065 | No.29 Jiuyanqiao Wangjiang Road, Chengdu, 610064

Huaxi Campus: No.17 People's South Road,Chengdu, 610041

Jiang’an Campus: Chuanda Road ,Shuangliu County,Chengdu,610207

How to Get There?
To Wangjiang campus: bus 102, 10, 112, 114, 12, and 19. To Huaxi campus: bus 118, 16, 21, 28, 45, 61, 78. To jiang’an campus: bus 67, 804B, 824, 825A, 846.

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Opening Hours:
All day long

More Tips:

The best time to visit Chengdu is the period from March to June and from September to November. July and August are the rainy season of Chengdu, which is not convenient for traveling.

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