Stone Elephant Lake

Stone Elephant Lake is located in Pujiang County, Chengdu. Stone Elephant Lake is so named because of Stone Elephant Temple. It was said that this place was where Yan Yan the famous general during the Three Kingdom Period (220 AD to 280AD) was raised to the skies on elephant. The lake is as flat as the mirror and many trees grow around with a cover rate of above 90%. The quality of air here is great, regarding as a natural “Oxygen Bar” of Chengdu. Endowed with excellent ecological condition, Stone Elephant Lake is praised as a jade inlayed in Chengdu.

Stone Elephant Lake sits in the combination of Chengdu Plain and Qingzang Plateau. Abundant natural resources and large area of ecological spots make it a paradise where animals and plants live together as well as a sanctuary place for people in modern city. In the morning, there’s fog on the lake; birds fly in the sky and flowers smell wonderful. In dawn the shadow of the woods range upon range. The spirit of Confucianism and Buddhism washes your heart and soul. This place make all tourists feel being in a highly harmony with nature.

Stone Elephant Lake is surrounded by mountains and its water is clear. The scenery is wonderful and it is a place where all bliss energy gets together. In the lake there are 9 valleys and 18 branches and each branch has 18 valleys. The landform is so complicated that it is regarded as “Wonderland of Yaochi” and “Labyrinth on the Water”. With its excellent ecological condition, Stone Elephant Lake is just like a jade inlayed in Chengdu, and it is also the first “Education Bases of Environment in Sichuan Province.”

In the spot there are natural and cultural scenery with both Chinese and Western characteristics such as “Double Dragons Playing with the Pearl”, “Bliss from Heaven”, “Guqin Platform”, “Green Garden in Spring” and the ancient “Stone Elephant Academy”. Confucianism has been prosperous here since South song Dynasty. Weiliaoweng the famous educationalist at that time studied Confucianism and educated people in Stone Elephant Academy. This place is blessed with the essence of Chinese civilization with Confucianism being the representative, which gets together with the Buddhism culture of Stone Elephant Temple in the same scenery spot to form the cultural theme of Stone Elephant Lake.

Stone Elephant Lake can be described as ‘“3 mountains” between “2 rivers”. The “3 mountains” are Changqiu Mountain, Big Wumian Mountain and Small Wumian Mountain; the “2 rivers” are Pujiang River and Linxi River. The high mountains are ripple and plains are flat. The rivers make a complex system. Both rivers and mountains form wonderful scenery. Here there are abundant resources of forests and water, making the spot the paradise for all kinds of animals. Every year in spring, several ten thousands of egrets come to Pujiang River to rest and progate.


World of Mountain Flowers

To see the natural beauties growing on the mountain that does not wear any makeup or use any perfumes is the most enjoyable thing. And you can enjoy it in Stone Elephant Lake. There are all kinds of wild flowers with all kinds of colors covering the whole mountain. Thousands of flowers such as camellias, wild lilies, rhododendrons, magnolias, oil camellias live between rocks, on banks and under the trees. With wonderful fragrance and unique looks these creatures exhibit their vigor in all seasons, giving people feeling of harmony and shake in soul. This world of flowers enlightens people and while purifying your thoughts, it also rise your life ideal.

Paradise of Outlandish Spirit

Stepping into Stone Elephant Lake Park, you can see 4 grasslands of hundred mu. It’s just like you have come to another country. The grasslands are surrounded by thick forests. The grass is imported from Denmark and tourists can enter freely to get a contact.

Stone Elephant Lake has been importing thousands of precious plants from European and American countries such as Holland ever since its opening in 2002. In spring the biggest Tulip Tourism Festival in Asia is held here and thousands of foreign flowers make people feel it’s just “Europe in spring” and they are “in Europe”. The Lily Tourism Festival in fall takes you to the world of fairy tales. Thousands of tourists view the flowers in the ecological condition, feeling harmonious co-existence between man and nature, as well as understanding what new way of life is to raise the quality of human life.

The most romantic spot in Stone Elephant Lake Park is the rose garden. Roses in Stone Elephant Lake Park blossom during May to June every year. Rose is “the holy flower of Cupid”. When tourists are walking in the rose garden, they can see beautiful girls dressing up as “Queen of Rose” and “Fairy of Rose”. Here you see lovers taking picture, parents smiling, children playing. Love is rising to a new layer in this garden.

The First Scenery Spot to Combine Original Ecological System with Flowers

When the tourists enter the ecological scenery spot of Stone Elephant Lake Park, they can see something usual: thousands of flowers growing by nature. This is a totally different way of flower planting with greenhouse planting. There are 2 basic concepts of flowering planting here: 1. the original stage of flowers is the nature. A flower can only grow perfectly to show its purest and most beautiful look on the grassland or mountains where its ancestors have grow in for generation to generation. 2. Let the tourists be in the nature, enjoying the ceremony of flowers in the original environment. Woods and Forests in Stone Elephant Lake form in nature, so are the flowers. Stone Elephant Lake has totally combined original ecological system with flowers. Thus, come to Stone Elephant Lake, come to the nature. Here you will see the harmonious relationships between human and flowers, between human and nature, between human and human.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Pujiang County, 86 kilometers away from Chengdu City

How to Get There?

There are direct buses from Chengdu Xinnanmen station to Stone Elephant Lake.

Ticket Price:

50 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

08:00 to 18:00 

More Tips:

March and April are the best seasons for tourists to visit there.

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