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Chengdu Food

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As the province of Heaven's Home, Chengdu gathers the essence of various local snacks. And as the city of migration, it also collects all favors throughout the whole country. Chengdu food plays an important role in Chinese treasury of cooking techniques. Chengdu cates have a long history with various breeds, rich local colors and are abundant in variety: fresh pastry, stewed meat in seasoning, fried duck, steamed stuffed bun…all those snacks are made with favors of sweet.

Chengdu Featured Food:

Bonbon Chicken

This is a popular dish in Sichuan cuisine. After cooling the cooked chicken, they strike it slightly with a stick until the chicken became soft, and then pull the chicken into slice. Added with a kind of spicy sauce, the chicken tastes tender, spicy, and appetizing. This dish originated from a small town in Sichuan named" Hanyang" but nowadays, it has introduced into restaurants in some big citiies such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Northern Sichuan Bean Jerry

Northern Sichuan Bean Jerry's history could date back to Qing Dynasty, at which time it has earned a high reputation for its typical Sichuan style: spicy, savory and tasty. It is said that there was a farmer named Xie Tangle, who made a living by selling bean jelly in a hut at ferry-place. He used his own special way to make bean berry so that the savory of his "Xie Bean Berry" was quite special. It always keeps its popularity until today.

Dan Dan Noodles

The noodle is served with ground beef and peppery sauce. In the past, this kind of noodles were sold by the peddlers carrying "Dan"(the necessary equipments of making noodles and other things) on shoulders with a pole, so it got the name "Dan Dan Noodles".

Meat In Spiced Sauce

Here Old Huang Cheng traditional pot restaurant of Meat in Spiced Sauce is recommended. It has special flavor and various choices, like the popular ones: chicken pot, beef pot, lung slices pot, even vegetable pot. And the soup of the tail of ox is quite unique which is only served in its head restaurant.

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