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Chengdu Shopping

Chengdu Local Products:

Chengdu is not only the paradise of special snacks, but also an ideal place for shopping. As a traditional area for silver inlaid technology, Chengdu shares its reputation with Beijing, which is famous for the applied weaving technique. And Chengdu is abundant in Shu Brocade and Embroidery. As the other local craft from silkworm breeding and mulberry growing, Shu Embroidery in Chengdu has enjoyed a reputation for superb craftsmanship. Besides, there is a great variety of commodities, such as lacquer ware, Wuliangye, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Quanxing Da Qu and so on.

Shu Brocade

Shu brocade is one of the four most famous brocades (Yun brocade of Nanjing, Song brocade of Suzhou, Zhuang brocade of Guangxi) with a history of more than 2000 years. It is bright-colored and beautiful, soft, various and durable. The minority women in the southwest of China wear waist scarf and headwear made of Shu brocade as ornaments. With the development of modern textile, the weaving of Shu brocade sagged gradually and there is only one Shu brocade factory left in the city. The factory is situated in the west suburbs near Dufu Thatched Cottage by the Huanhuaxi River (Washing Flower River) producing quilt cover, dress material and varieties of brocade ornaments.

Shu Embroideries

Shu embroidery with special way and skill of weaving is a traditional handicraft. It is also one of the four most famous embroideries in China〔The other three are Suzhou embroidery, Hunan embroidery and Yue (Guangdong) embroidery.〕Owing to its technique of expression and designs, Shu embroidery has won a good reputation of being well-knit and minute in weaving, quietly elegant and delicate and pretty in color, easy and smooth in line design, vividly like a Chinese ink and wash. Shu embroidery is famous for its varied products, some lay particular stress on articles of everyday use while some on appreciation articles including quilt cover, pillowcases and embroider slippers and so on. There are two main embroidery factories in Chengdu: Chengdu Shu Embroidery Factory located on East Cottage Road nearby the Washing Flower River and Hanhuang Embroidery Factory at No.11 on Peace Street in the downtown.

Gold And Silver Articles

With a long history of producing gold and silver articles, Chengdu is one of the gold and silver ornament traditional producing areas in China. The newly unearthed gold and silver ornaments that were produced in the Period of Warring States are of great artistic attainments. For example, the jade volume, ornaments, gold and silver utensils unearthed from the tome of former Shu Emperor Wangjian strongly support the comments on high technological level in the old time. The ways of making silver handicraft articles are very complex and varied. According to the design, the handcraft workers use the silver thread which is as thin as half of hair to twine gold and silver articles of a relief sculpture of a group designs by the way of stuffing, binding, threading, twisting alternately. On the handicraft articles you can see different artistic quality of floral designs. Such as vivid green pines, green bamboos, plum blossoms, fragrant thoroughwort; peonies in bud, roses, cotton rose hibiscus,

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Lacquer Wares

The abundant raw lacquer and bright cinnabar produced in Sichuan are the key materials to make lacquer wares, which makes Sichuan the major place of lacquer wares. In Chengdu there are many kinds of lacquer wares such as lacquer wares out of wood base, gunny base, paper base, plastics base and so on. The skillful handicraftsmen engrave the base with floral designs, print the base with color lacquer, and then polish it repeatedly. In addition, many new technologies such as hidden design, latent design and drawing are introduced in the process of manufacture. All these result in that the lacquer wares are beautiful and dignified, exquisite and ingeniously constructed. The surface of the wares is printed as clear as water and as bright as a mirror. Chengdu Lacquer Ware Technology Factory is located at No. 81, Jinhe Road. Chengdu Lacquer Wares are mainly lacquer folding screen, box for containing sweets and replicas of unearthed relics, as well as lacquer painting artworks.

Broad Bean Sauce

Being one of the most important seasonings for traditional Sichuan cuisine, Broad Bean Sauce is made in most families both urban and rural. Broad bean sauce workshops and factories can be found everywhere. Among all brands of the broad bean sauce, Pixian County Broad Bean Sauce and Linjian Temple Broad Bean Sauce are the most famous. With a history of more than 100 years, Pixian County Broad Bean Sauce which is praised as the soulof Sichuan cuisines has its own unique feature of being peppery, sweet and crisp and red. It can add the flavor of the dishes. The dishes, Stir-Fired Boiled Pock Slices in Hot Sauce, Ginger Flavoured Fish, Stir-Fried Beancurd in Hot Sauce, boast to be the masterworks among the Sichuan cuisines because of its strong flavor of Sichuan. Pixian County Broad Bean Sauce Factory address: No.155 on the Great Southern Street, Pixian County, Sichuan. Tel: (028) 7862774

Qingcheng Silk Blanket

Qingcheng silk blanket made from raw silk and spun silk is a handicraft article which is hand-knitted according to the traditional processing technology. Qingcheng Silk Blanket Factory, located in Dujiangyan city, is a factory of specialized production which produces silk blanket and tapestry. The unique production feature is that the surface of the blanket is bright and clean, the color can last long, and the texture is pliable, tough and elastic. With a rich array of silk blanket styles, Qingcheng silk carpet is not only high-quality foreign trade production but also excellent tourist souvenir.

Erjingtiao Chilli

This new variety of chilli was chosen as the conference badge of the Sichuan International TV Festival in 1991, which indicates that Sichuan people love chilli. Sichuan has consistently been one of important chilli-producing area. There are great varieties of chilli in Sichuan province, among which “Erjingtiao”chilli bred in and around Chengdu is the best for its glossy and bright red color and its special sweet fragrance. So this chilli has become important seasoning for traditional Sichuan dishes, all kinds of snacks and hot pickled mustard tuber because it can add fragrance, food color and taste.

Quanxingdaqu Liquor

Quanxing Daqu is a well-known vintage wine of China, enjoying the fame of good wine is like poem. It was first made in the liquor workshops opened by people from Shanxi province during the years of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. The brewing technology was based on that of producing Shanxi Fen, a kind of spirit distilled in Fenyang. Later the artisans developed a special technology of brewing the spirit, according to the climate, water quality, raw material and the conditions of the cellars, which made the spirit a distinctive flavor. According to historical records, Quanxing Laojiao was named in the fourth year of Daoguang, meaning overall prosperity. In 1951, Chengdu brewery was built on basis of the old Quanxin winery. And it became mass production. Quanxin Daqu is made of sorghum, wheat with mild sugar feast made from fine wheat. Special technology is adopted, such as, layering distillers' grains in the original wine cellar, strict distillation, meticulous blending, etc. Quanxin Da

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China Padding Of Bamboo Weaving

Taking the china quart pot as a base, the handicraftsmen make a kind of special bamboo weaving handcrafts called China Padding of Bamboo Weaving by using bamboo strips which are as thin as silk. The materials to make China Padding of Bamboo Weaving are strictly chosen from tender bamboo of more than one hundred kinds in Sichuan. The bamboo stem must have a length of 66cm between the two nearest joints without any scar. About fifty kilograms of such bamboo can be made into only 400 grams of thin bamboo strips with extremely high skill. These strips are as thin as silk with even thickness, proper flexibility. Because of the high-demanded skill, it is extremely difficult to make such handcrafts. A good china padding of bamboo handcraft must be accomplished in one breath from the starting of the base to the lockstitch without any joint, winding or folding but well proportioned. As to design, it has been developed from simple lace trimmings into complicated and varied geometric figures,

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Fried Flour Beef Cake

Fried Flour Beef Cake was created by a mute who runs a business in partnership with two fellows, and names the restaurant Sanyiyuan after Luibei, Zhangfei, Guanyu who went for brothers in ancient Chinese history. The skin of the cake with beef stuffing is made of flour. After fried, the cover of the cake is fried gold-yellow while the stuffing is very tender. And the sweet of the cake spreads through the whole street. The most famous beef market in old Chengdu is the one in Huangchengba, where meat, buffalo meat, cattle meat yak are sold. Although beef dishes are not as varied of those of pork, it still can be prepared for many dishes, such as Charqui with Pepper and Chilli, Minced Beef with celery, Beef with Bean curd, Beef Noodle, Stewed Beef with Radish prepared at the pickle and salted food stands, while Fried Rib Steak, Beef Ball, Braised Tripe are served as main courses in big restaurants. In addition, beef is very popular among the snacks in Chengdu. Zhide(a name of a stand

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Bamboo Weavings

With true quality of bamboo and soft color, bamboo weaving is one of the traditional products of even density. The bamboo products include basket, dustpan, bowl, bench, chair, fan, lamp, box, hanging basket and so on. They are house necessities as well as characteristic ornaments. Chengdu China Padding of Bamboo Weaving Technology Factory is located at No.12, Northern Liberation Road Tel:(028)3333249

Chengdu Shops and Stores:

There are lots of shops and supermarkets converge at Chunxi Road, Zongfu Road and Luomashi Area. Here you can shop for a huge range of wares, almost with everything from souvenirs and street stall items to supermarket and department stores goods on offer. Chengdu’s shopping markets will not disappoint your eagerness of shopping here.

Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road
Chunxi Road(春熙路)is the most prosperous merchandise street in Chengdu with a long historical standing. Its reputed as the first merchandise street in West China. It s located in the center of Chengdu City, north of East Street, east of South New Street, Central New Street and North New Street, south of Zongfu Road and west of Hongxing Road, covering an area of 20 hectares. After 82 years of development, Chunxi Road has become Chengdus fashionable area colleting the latest fashion trend and brand. Chunxi Road features a variety of exclusive shops of a number of brands and a great many time-honored national brands. At present, there are more than 700 shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets and especially small stands widely scattered in the areas around it. On this road, tourists can buy products ranging from souvenirs to living and travelling necessities. Besides shopping, you can also taste lots of famous Chengdu snacks, such as Chungs dumplings and hot pot. Of course, there

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Jinli Street

Jinli Street
Jinli is one of the most ancient commercial streets in Xi Shu area. It was famous throughout the whole country in period of Sanguo, and now it is an important commercial and tourist street in Chengdu. Nowadays, it relies on Chengdu Wuhou temple, keeping spirit of Qinhan and Sanguo, appearing with scenes of Ming and Qing, filling of folk-customs of western Sichuan and enlarging the extension of Sanguo culture. With a length of 350meters, Jinli condenses the essence of Chengdu's life: teahouses, hotels, bars, playhouses, flavor snacks, craftworks, and local specialty. All these things sufficiently exhibit the characteristic charm of Sichuan folk-customs.

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