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For a country of its massive size and varied geography, our China tours divers in history, culture and epic landscape. We provide flexible tours with fun experiences, which will show you the cool parts of this completely different country. Experience China’s marvels, ancient and modern, rural and cosmopolitan, through the eyes of our local private guides! We can create your kind of trip. Our dedicated experts take care to make your travel ideas into your perfect trip.

Why Choose Us

100% Tailor-made

We like create the perfect holiday related to your interests, We know the cities inside out. Trying in hotels, transports, and authentic experiences upgrades

to ensure you get the most unique holiday possible.

Experienced Travel Specialists

Our Travel Specialists have widely travel experience, they are not just work in the office all times but also spend at least a month for travelling every year

for updated information,so he/she may be on travelling when you receive their email. Without language barrier, all our travel specialists are English major or related, and rewarded university degree. Before become a travel specialist handling the inquiry, they must spend half a year focus on familiar with the tour routes within China and study how to handle the problem during the tour. they follow the principle and always be your helping hands.

Top Notch Guides

The guides work for us are all awarded National Guide License, they should learn China Travel’s principle, rules and pass oral English test

by our foreign language specialists before he/she’s guide’s work.

It is not easy to say the guide is top notch, they should value from thousands of reviews, testimonial, feedbacks on trip advisor and working experience. The guides may been to the places you visit more than 200 times every year with he/she’s group, they knows secrete way to the stunning scenery, how to avoid crowds, story behind the buildings, best restaurants to eat and help to order dishes. Nothing is too big and too small for him/her, they always go beyond and bring you an enjoyable holiday.

Professional Product Team

We never copy tours from other website, the ultimate goal is for us to bring the voice of the customer into the team and always focus on customers

We proud to the tours which present on our website cause we realize the importance of the core competence. Our team leader was work as a tour guide and travel specialist before, we know what customers really want to see and do.

We have strictly process when create or ultimate a tour from target marketing research, data analysis, ask open questions to customers, and last we must handout real place for research. We know the China cities so well that it should seem like it’s our own home, we are confident that you will satisfy of what we offer.


Hot Trips for 2018/2019

These China tours provide by China’s finest tour company-China Travel and remarkably by local knowledge tour guides. Our tours & trips are involve iconic sites, activities of local interaction and fun experience.

There’s more to discover than you can possibly know. Just click to find out anything suit for you.

First Time or Return to China

  • When to Go

    A lot will depend on what sort of weather you want or can tolerate. Generally the comfortable seasons in major tourist destinations are fall (September and October) and spring (April and May). It is recommended to avoid major Chinese public holidays, unless you want to join in some celebrations.

  • How Long to Stay

    Knowing what you expect to see or do in China will help determine how long you should stay. We recommend at least 8 days, for visiting the ‘Golden Triangle’ ­– Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. If you are interested in experiencing more of China, like taking care of giant pandas, admiring amazing landscapes or visiting minority areas, you will need more time.

  • Where to Go

    China, full of stunning sights, rich culture, and mysterious places, is a popular destination, with an extensive range of tour options.  Top experiences not to be missed:

    Get know the history of China: Beijing (4-day) and Xi'an (2-day);
    Take care of pandas: Chengdu (4-day);

    See dream-like karst landscapes: Guilin (3-day).

  • How to Plan a China Trip

    We understand that travel is a big decision, and you will want some advice on planning a trip to China. So we introduce China to you methodically in How to Plan a China Tour, so that you can know all the steps in planning a China trip, from the best time to go, to other miscellaneous practical advice. Our professional trip advisers will always be happy to chat with you and help create your ideal China tour.

  • Return to China - Where to Go

    For returning to China, the main impediment are find out where you want to go and your budget.

    Landscape: Zhangjiajie (3 days), Huangshan (3-4 days), Yangtze River Cruise (4-5 days)
    Minorities: Yunnan (5-6 days), Guizhou (5-6 days), Tibet (5-6 days)
    Silk road: (Lanzhou, Xining, Dunhuang, Xinjiang for 7+ days), western part of China is worth to visit, but you should notice that remote cities cost higher than the regular one in transports and guide service.
  • Return to China - How to Plan

    If you only been to the iconic sites of China for the first time, add some unique experience in returning trip: hike to the unmaintained part of Great Wall or camping on Great Wall, learn waving bamboo in Huangshan with local handcrafter, or visit to the ethnic tribes in Yunnan, acknowledge their traditions and daily life…we’re sure these will definitely profound your return China trip.

    If returning with your family or friends, we do have age-appropriated activities like Chinese learning class, Taichi and Kongfu Class, Chinese cooking class that you will have fun with your family.

Tour Themes

Experience your way – that’s our thing.

China theme tours are sort by top 10 China tours, interesting facts of China – live fossil panda and mysterious minorities explore, or reveal exotic and vibrant Chinese culture in Tibet or Silk Road. If you already have an idea in mind, tell us what you interested in and requirements, we are happy to tailor-made a unique trip for you by your preference and budget, and the service is totally free.

We’ve listed different tour themes for you below. Let’s find out what you’d expect to do in China.

Hot Destinations

Whether it's the ancient Great Wall and majestic Forbidden City in Beijing, the elegant water towns near Shanghai, the magnificent Mt. Everest in Tibet, or the dream-like karst landscape in Yangshuo – we're there and we'll get you off the beaten track.

Experience More

Do you think the cities of Beijing, Xi’an Shanghai are reprehensive China, if so, you are definitely wrong, they are undisputed most populous tour destination, but China have more to offer, I am sure the cities below will perfectly illustrate unique landscape and culture on its own, it’s worth to spend time to explore all sites.

Popular Day Trips and Activities

China day trips are designed for the customers who have limited time in China, and what to take a glance at the city, it composed by major attractions and activities of the city. All private trips with private guides can be tailored according to your requirements. check out more day trips and activities.

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