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Travel has been our everyday passion for the past six decades. So we conclude what you may want in a completely different country: a comfortable and smooth journey, an authentic natural mix of oriental highlights and cultural secrets, as close to interesting Chinese culture as possible, and far away from any worries - one-stop service.

All of our tours can be customized to meet your interests. Or you can create your own tour to try out our prompt service.

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Hot Trips with Highlights

We recommend tours that most visitors like, a mix of the hottest highlights and some local secrets, for getting close to authentic Chinese life. You're about to find something that's right for you.

First Time to China? Have No Ideas?

  • When to Go

    A lot will depend on what sort of weather you want or can tolerate. Generally the comfortable seasons in major tourist destinations are fall (September and October) and spring (April and May). It is recommended to avoid major Chinese public holidays, unless you want to join in some celebrations.

  • How Long to Stay

    Knowing what you expect to see or doin China will help determine how long you should stay. We recommend at least 8 days, for visiting the ‘Golden Triangle’ ­– Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. If you are interested in experiencing more of China, like taking care of giant pandas, admiring amazing landscapes or visiting minority areas, you will need more time.

  • Where to Go

    China, full of stunning sights, rich culture, and mysterious places, is a popular destination, with an extensive range of tour options. Here are some examples:

    If you
    are a fan of history: Beijing (4-day) and Xi’an (2-day),
    want to take care of pandas: Chengdu (4-day), or

    love dream-like karst landscapes: Guilin (3-day).

  • How to Plan a China Trip

    We understand that travel is a big decision, and you will want some advice on planning a trip to China. So we introduce China to you methodically in How to Plan a China Tour, so that you can know all the steps in planning a China trip, from the best time to go, to other miscellaneous practical advice. Our professional trip advisers will always be happy to chat with you and help create your ideal China tour.

Tour Themes

Discover the orient your way – that’s our thing.

We’ve prepared different tour themes for you below. Let’s know what you’d expect to do in China.

Hot Destinations

We have created more than 200 adventuresome tours in different cities of China – north to south, east to west.

So whether it’s the ancient Great Wall and majestic Forbidden City in Beijing, the elegant water towns near Shanghai, the magnificent Mt. Everest in Tibet, or the dream-like karst landscape in Yangshuo – we’re there and we’ll get you off the beaten track. Our tours are all hand-picked, based on popularity ratings, booking data, guide services, etc.

Discovery More

With us, you’ll have at your disposal the extensive knowledge of local guides who are fluent in English, taking you out of the guidebooks and into some mysterious places that excite your interest. You're bound to find something you like that you’ve not yet seen.

Create your special tour to add some of the special places you are interested in to your “want-to-go-to list”.