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Grand China Tour

21-Day Beijing (4Days)Xian (3Days)Lhasa (3Days)Chongqing (1Day)Yangtze (3Days) Yichang Shanghai (2Days)Hangzhou (2Days)Huangshan (2Days)Shanghai (1Day)

During 21 days, you will get inside China's spirit in the key sites of Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Huangshan. A Yangtze River Cruise will totally get rid of your trouble.

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  • Best Season: All seasons
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  • Scenic destinations including Hangzhou and Huangshan
  • Perfect for photo-taking and mind-easing holiday
  • World-class Yangtze River Cruise
  • China Travel's best-selling long route

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Tour Itinerary


Beijing Arrival

Airport Transfer (Beijing)

Today you will arrive in Beijing Capital International Airport, where your Beijing tour guide will pick you up. You will learn something briefly about Beijing on the way to hotel for check-in.


- Smart Tips:

  • It needs 20 days to process Tibet Travel Permit. China Travel kindly suggests you confirm your tour at least 30 days ahead of time.


    The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Hutong Tour by Rickshaw in Xicheng District

    As a landmark of Beijing, Tian'anmen Square is the largest public square in the world, which will be our first stop for today. Afterwards, you will get into the Forbidden City. Have lunch in a courtyard house restaurant.

    It is the Hutongs that keep the old Beijing spirit alive in a fast-moving world. This afternoon, you will take a rickshaw ride into a Hutong. Step into a local family and enjoy some chitchat. A time-honored pearl store will be our last stop for today's tour.


    - Smart Tips:

  • Have some free time for tonight? A Kung Fu Show will make the night splendid.
  • Lao She Teahouse is reviewed as a fun mix of Chinese traditions, including face-changing, acrobats, Kung Fu, hand imagery, and other acts, and tea of course.


    Temple of Heaven, The Mutianyu Great Wall(with round way cable car)

    This morning, your Beijing tour guide will take you to the Great Wall at Mutianyu Section. A round-way cable car will make this trip easy and enjoyable. Have lunch in a nearby restaurant and visit a cloisonné factory.

    In the afternoon, you will visit the altar of the royal family: Temple of Heaven. You will have some free time afterwards.


    - Smart Tips:

  • For your solo adventure, you can take an exterior to Bird's Nest and Water Cube.
  • DAY

    Beijing to Xian by Train No. G659 (Beijing Xi (west) Railway Station - Xian Bei (north) Railway Station) Dep 11:53 - Arr 17:36

    Free time, Hotel to Train station Transfer (Beijing), Train station Transfer (Xian)

    You will be free in Beijing for solo adventure in Beijing.

    Later today, you will fly to Xi'an. Check in upon arrival.


    - Smart Tips:

  • How to kill out the free time? Do some dashing shopping in the 798 Art Zone, as recommended as the first place for shopping on Trip Advisor.
  • How about a boat trip in Summer Palace? Or a free stroll in Old Summer Palace, which is much quieter than the former.
  • As a popular activity on Trip Advisor, a cooking class at a local family can be interesting. Available for booking with great price.
  • Take a post-card-like photo taking on a vintage bike trip, get Beijing's best on rusty wheel. This is what City Weekend recommends, available to book with us.
  • If you haven't tried Peking Duck yet, you wouldn't want to miss Peking Duck Private Kitchen.
  • DAY


    Big Wild Goose Pagoda, The Terracotta Warriors and Horses


    There is never a good reason not to get awed at the wonder of Terracotta Army. Today you will spend some time here. Have lunch in a Sichuan-style restaurant.

    We will stop by an art center after lunch. This afternoon, you will be free in Xi'an city.


    - Smart Tips:

  • Bell Tower and the nearby Drum Tower both are great for night walks and taking great photos.
  • If you are interested in how the Tang emperors used to spend their nights, a Tang Dynasty Dinner Show gives you a peek.
  • DAY


    Forest of Stele Museum, Muslim Quarters, Ancient City Wall

    Xi\'an Ancient City Wall

    This morning, you will take a stroll on the Ancient City Wall. Later, you will visit Forest of Steles, the collection was set up about 1000 years ago, full of ancient carvings with Chinese calligraphy.

    After lunch, we will get to the Muslim Quarter, one of the biggest Muslim communities in China, full of local snacks and interesting folklore. Have some free time afterwards.


    - Smart Tips:

  • On Fountain Square, you can get a great full-view photo of the famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda.
  • You will travel to Lhasa tomorrow, we'd suggest you take good rest tonight.
  • DAY

    Xian to Lhasa by Flight No. TBA

    Hotel to airport Transfer (Xian), Airport Transfer (Lhasa)

    Do some solo adventure or shopping in Xi'an before the flight to Lhasa.

    Check in upon arrival in Lhasa and have some free time wandering about the neighborhood.


    - Smart Tips:

  • "Biang Biang Mian" is definitely a Shaanxi specialty you wouldn't miss at First Noodle Under the Sun, the first recommended restaurant of Trip Advisor.
  • Foreigners are not allowed to travel in Lhasa without a tour guide, but getting around your hotel won't be a problem.
  • DAY


    Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery

    Sera Monastery is the first attraction for today's tour. After the visit, you will learn something about monks' daily life. Have lunch in a Tibetan-style steak house.

    In the afternoon, you will visit Jokhang Temple, which has been the spiritual heart of Lhasa since the 7th century. Later, be a part of the busy life in Barkhor Street. Free time afterwards.



    Norbulingka, Tibet Medical and Astrological Institute, Potala Palace

    The sublime and imposing Potala Palace will be our first attraction for today. Widely known as the Summer Palace of Tibet, Norbulingka used to be a retreat and a palace for the officals back in the 1800's. Today you will take a visit at this lovely garden. Have lunch in a Tibetan-style restaurant.

    In the afternoon, pay a visit to Tibet Medical and Astrological Institute to learn about traditional Tibetan medicine.


    - Smart Tips:

  • What to shop in Lhasa? Thangka, Tibetan jewelry, carpet, textile, knife and Ba (Tibetan for Mask) should all be on your list.
  • DAY

    Lhasa to Chongqing by Flight No. TBA

    Hotel to airport Transfer (Lhasa), Airport Transfer (Chongqing)


    This morning, you will take a flight to Chongqing. Check in upon arrival and have some free time in Chongqing.


    - Smart Tips:

  • Chongqing is a pretty city, good for worry-free stroll. Goose Neck Park, People Park and Liberation Mounment can all be options.
  • For strolling, dining, hanging out, clubbing and anything you could imagine for a fun night out, you can get satisfied at Hongya Cave. Not a cave, but a good place for your solo adventure.


    Panda Room in Chongqing Zoo, Ciqikou Old Town, Hotel to Cruise pier Transfer (Chongqing), Board the ship from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and departs Chongqing at 9:00pm.(Dinner is not included)


    Before your board on Yangtze River Cruise, we would like you to take in some of Chongqing hilights. Firstly, you will pay a visit to the cute pandas at Panda Room at Chongqing Zoo. Have lunch in a traditional Sichuan-style restaurant.

    The old culture and lifestyle are still thriving at Ciqikou Old Town. Later, your Chongqing tour guide will escort you to the pier. Board on Yangtze River Cruise and enjoy your night.



    Welcoming Banquet, Dancing Party,Shibaozhai (14;00-16;00).Optinal tour to Fengdu Ghost City(RMB260 per person).


    Waking up in the wave sound of the Yangtze River, you will embrace the morning of nature. Today you will take a short visit to Shibaozhai. Shibaozhai, literally meaning Stone Treasure Fortress, and its riverside location is what allows the historic hill site much of its beauty. The sheer vertical cliffs below it stand more than 56 meters tall, thus creating much curiosity over the centuries. The red pavilion found there was first built in 1750 during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and has since been restored. Inside, visitors can see many interesting artifacts since each of the 12 floors is dedicated to a famous general from the Three Kingdoms Period (220-265), a local scholar, or a known Chinese poet.


    - Smart Tips:

    Fengdu Ghost City is not included in our itinerary, but it's available to book after you get on the cruise. Cost will be your own exspense.



    Taichi exercise.
    Passes through the 1st gorge--Qutang Gorge.
    Passes through the 2cd gorge---Wu Gorge.
    Shore excursion to Shennong Stream(1:30pm-5:30pm). You have the option of visiting White Emperor City(RMB280 per person).
    Crew's Performance.
    Sails through the 5-steps Ship locks.


    On your spectacular Yangtze River cruise today, the first gorge of the day will be Qutang Gorge and then later pass through Wu Gorge. After lunch, you will have the chance to go on land to visit Shennong Stream, a tributary of the Yangtze River. It is a dramatic piece of natural beauty with water rushing past karst caves, vertical cliffs, numerous waterfalls, three-colored springs, an ancient plank path, and much more. As well, there is an option to visit the White Emperor City, also known as Baidi city (price not included).

    The crew will later put on a performance for your entertainment, and the vessel will sail through the 5-step ship locks, bringing you back to Yangtze.


    - Smart Tips:

    White Emperor City is an option upon your request. Please inform the crew if you'd visit it. Cost will be on your own.


    YichangYichang to Shanghai

    Cruise pier Transfer (Yichang), Airport Transfer (Yichang), Airport Transfer (Shanghai), Three Gorges Dam Site.

    Today you will get to Yichang. Visit the imposing site of Three Gorges Dam.

    Later today, a domestic flight will take you to Shanghai. Check in upon arrival.



    Xintiandi, The Bund, Yuyuan Garden, City God Temple, Tianzi Fang

    Yuyuan Garden is considered as one of the Shanghai's finest, most lavish Chinese gardens. Today you will spend some time here and visit the nearby temple: City God Temple, originally a temple built to honor the Han statesman Huo Guang. Have lunch in a graceful restaurant.

    In the afternoon, you will take some time walking in Xintiandi, a famous paradise for fashion shopping. Later, get to Tianzifang, where creative ideas fly about in every corner. A silk factory will be our last stop for today.


    - Smart Tips:

  • Looking for a wonderful night? Why not go watch ERA Time Acrobatic Show, highly recommended on many travel websites and forums.
  • If you are tired, a foot massage can help you relax. Ask your tour guide will direction and tips.

    Shanghai to Hangzhou by Train No. G7319 (Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station - Hangzhou Railway Station) Dep 16:00 - Arr 16:56

    French concession region, Oriental Pearl TV Tower(INCL Shanghai History Museum), Hotel to Train station Transfer (Shanghai), Train station Transfer (Hangzhou)

    Taking in a wonderful view of Shanghai city, you will be standing at the top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and later visit Shanghai History Museum inside the tower. Have lunch in a traditional Shanghai restaurant.

    In the afternoon, you will walk along the Former French Concession. Later, your Shanghai tour guide will escort you to the train station. Ride on the high speed train to Hangzhou and your Hangzhou tour guide will pick you up and help you check in the hotel.



    The West Lake(including cruise and visit of the Island in the lake), Lingyin Temple


    Known as Heaven on Earth, Hangzhou has its reputation well-earned. Today you will take a boat trip in West Lake and visit the island. Pay a visit to Meijiawu Tea Plantation and try some tea at the tea shop. Have lunch in a traditional Hangzhou restaurant.

    In the afternoon, you will visit one of the most important Buddhist temples in China: Lingyin Temple and Feilai Peak.


    - Smart Tips:

  • The memory of West Lake still lingers, tonight you can watch an excellent show Impression West Lake. Your Hangzhou tour guide can help you book the ticket.

    Hangzhou to Huangshan by ExpressBus.

    Qinghefang Pedestrian Street, Hu Qingyu Hall Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum, Hotel to bus station Transfer (Hangzhou), Express bus station transfer (Huangshan)

    Qinghefang Old Street

    You will pay a visit at Hu Qingyu Tang Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum and walk along the Qinghefang Pedestrain Street with long history.

    Later, your Hangzhou tour guide will escort you to the bus station. The long-distance coach to Huangshan will take about 3 hours. Your Huangshan tour guide will be waiting for you at the bus station. Check in upon arrival.



    Yungu Cable Car (up) and West Sea Grand Canyon, The Yellow Mountains


    Today you will spend a whole day at Huangshan, aka Yellow Mountain. Have lunch in a restaurant on the top of the mountain.

    Legend has it that Huangdi, the famous Emperor from ancient times, used to live at Huangshan as a supernatural being. Doubtlessly, today you will unfold the legend by yourself.

    Notes: The monorail in West Sea Canyon is close for maintenance from Sep.21, 2018, the opening time is unknown, expect to walk down and up by the same way


    Huangshan to Shanghai by Flight No. TBA

    Yungu Cable Car (up) and West Sea Grand Canyon, Hongcun Village, Xidi Village, Hotel to airport Transfer (Huangshan), Airport Transfer (Shanghai)


    Ever wonder what the life is like if living in Huangshan? Today you will pay a visit to two villages: Xidi Village and Hongcun Village. Have lunch in a local restaurant.

    Later today, you will take a flight to Shanghai. Your Shanghai tour guide will escort you to hotel. Free night after check-in.


    Shanghai to Departure City

    Hotel to airport Transfer (Shanghai)


    Good time flies fast. Today your Shanghai tour guide will see you off at the airport. Thanks for taking this China tour with China Travel. We hope to see you again soon!

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    • Hotels listed in the itinerary.
    • Service Charge & Taxes.
    • China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance.
    • Luggage Transfers.

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    • China Entry Visa Fees.
    • Excess Baggage Charges.
    • Personal Expenses.
    • Any meals that are not mentioned in the tour itinerary.
    • Single Room Supplement.

    Good to know

    It needs 20 days to process Tibet Travel Permit. China Travel kindly suggests you confirm your tour at least 30 days ahead of time.