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All-Inclusive Educational China Tour

17-Day, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng and Huanjiang

All-inclusive Educational China Tour
Educational China Tour
Temple of Heaven in Beijing
Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Day by Day Tour Itinerary

Beijing Arrival (International Flight Included)
Activities: Airport pick-up and transfer
Hotel: King Parkview Hotel Beijing 3-star hotel (or Same Class)
Meals: None

Your international flight will land you at the airport of Beijing. Our tour guide will escort your group to hotel. Check in upon arrival. Free time to adjust jetlag or explore around.

No meals included for today.

Smart Tips:

  • About the flight: Please refer to our FAQs tag to get your flight information, or directly contact us.
  • About the reservation: Please book the tour package at least 2 months ahead of the departure time.
  • About the transfer: Based on the group size, a travel coach or van in good condition will pick up your group. Airport transfer in your own country will be on your own arrangement.
  • About the hotel: King Parkview Hotel Beijing is a nice 3-star hotel, close to Jingshan Park, Wangfujing Street, Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City and has a lot of small Hutongs for free exploration.
Activities: Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong visit, Guozijian (Imperial Academy), a pearl store and Kungfu Show
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

The largest public square that can hold one million people, Tian'anmen Square is our first site for today. Later, learn more about China's history at Forbidden City, where we will visit the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Hall of Supreme Harmony, Palace of Heavenly Purity and Royal Garden.

Have lunch and we will carry on with a rickshaw ride in Hutong. Visit the Imperial Academy, aka Guozijian. Stop by a pearl store.

After dinner on your own arrangement, kick back and enjoy a kicking-cool Kungfu Show.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Forbidden CityForbidden City
Hutong VisitHutong Visit
Kungfu ShowKungfu Show
Activities: Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall and a cloisonne factory
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

In the morning, we will visit the royal altar at Temple of Heaven. Our Beijing tour guide will explain how the emperors prayed for good harvest.

Driving out to the capital, we will take a hike at the Mutianyu Great Wall. On the way back, sit back inside the cable car whilst the amazing views pass by. We will stop by a cloisonne factory before heading back to the city.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Temple of HeavenTemple of Heaven
The Great WallGreat Wall at Mutianyu Section
Visiting the Great WallStudent Group Visiting the Great Wall
Beijing to Shanghai (Flight HU7601 1735-1945 for Reference)
Activities: Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo and airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch
Hotel: Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhabei 3-star hotel (or Same Class)

If you are interested in ancient architecture, Summer Palace is a treasure trove for amazing discovery. Later, the giant pandas in Beijing Zoo greet you with a cute smile.

After lunch, take a break before we drive to the airport. Fly to Shanghai and check in upon arrival.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Summer PalaceSummer Palace
Beijing ZooBeijing Zoo
Hotel Room Hotel Room in Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhabei

Smart Tips:

  • About the hotel: Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhabei is close to the subway route 1,3 and 4, easy to get around in Shanghai.
  • Visit City God Temple at night for endless fun of shopping, local snack-tasting.
Activities: The Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Yuyuan Garden, French Concession, Xintiandi and a silk store
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

In the morning, we will start with a free walk along The Bund. Later, view the city at a height, we will visit Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

After lunch, we will visit a traditional garden, aka Yuyuan Garden. Feel the flashback of history at French Concession and Xintiandi. We will also stop by a silk store.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Oriental Pearl TV TowerOriental Pearl TV Tower
Yuyuan GardenYuyuan Garden
Shanghai LifeChitchat at the Backstreet

Smart Tips:

  • Splendid night activities in Shanghai vary from shopping, lounging to excellent night shows such as ERA Time Acrobatic.
Shanghai to Xi'an (Flight HU7808 1215-1500 for Reference)
Activities: Airport transfer, Muslim Quarter, Gao Family's Courtyard
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch
Hotel: Xian Skytel Hotel 3-star hotel (or Same Class)

Enjoy some free time in Shanghai. Take a noon flight to Xi'an. Check in upon arrival.

In the afternoon, you will blend in with the locals at the Muslim Quarter. Check out the old house, Gao Family's Courtyard and watch a traditional Shadow Puppet Show.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Muslim QuarterFood Vendor at the Muslim Quarter
Shadow Puppet ShowShadow Puppet Show
Hotel RoomHotel Room in Xian Skytel Hotel

Smart Tips:

  • About the hotel: Xian Skytel Hotel stands at the center of Xi'an, easily accese to some major sites such as the Ancient City Wall, Drum Tower and Forest of Stele Museum.
  • Shadow Puppet Show is included in the quotation.
Activities: Terracotta Army, Ancient City Wall and an art center
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

The biggest draw of Xi'an is the underground army. Frozen in time, today you will get an impressive insight of the Terracotta Army. Stop by an art center before we head back to the city.

Take a free walk on the Ancient City Wall as the sun is slowly setting.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Terracotta ArmyTerracotta Army
Clay WarriorA Warrior in Details
Ancient City WallAncient City Wall

Smart Tips:

  • Looking for some dares? Try out the strange-looking local food at the Muslim Quarter!
  • Take a walk at the square behind the famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and you will get a nice shot of the pagoda at a lighting background.
Xi'an to Guilin (Flight HU7667 1600-1915 for Reference)
Activities: Shaanxi History Museum, Dumpling-making and airport transfer
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch
Hotel: Grand Link Hotel Guilin 3-star hotel (or Same Class)

In the morning, we will learn more history at Shaanxi History Museum. Later, attend a class to learn how to make dumplings and have lunch.

In the afternoon, we will fly to Guilin. Check in upon arrival.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Grank Link Hotel GuilinGrank Link Hotel Guilin
Hotel RoomHotel Room in Grank Link Hotel Guilin
Guilin at NightSun and Moon Pagodas

Smart Tips:

  • About the hotel: Grand Link Hotel Guilin boasts for peaceful surrounding and nice hotel services.
Guilin to Yangshuo
Activities: Land transfer, hiking and bamboo raftering, West Street
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch
Hotel: Yangshuo Aiyuan Hotel 3-star hotel (or Same Class)

In the morning, our car will drive you straight to Yangshuo. Check in upon arrival and drive to Yangdi, where we will enjoy an one-hour bamboo rafting in the beautiful Li River. The raft will stop at Xingping, from where we will hike by the riverside in order to get closer to nature.

When we are back to Yangshuo, have lunch before a free saunter in West Street.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Bamboo RaftingBamboo Rafting in Li River
West StreetWest Street in Yangshuo
Hotel RoomHotel Room in Aiyuan Hotel

Smart Tips:

  • About the hotel: Aiyuan Hotel is located at the foot of the Green Lotus Hill in the prosperous center of town, facing the West Street Center Garden Square.
  • Feel like walking up and down West Street? Trying out the local dish Beer Fish and hunting for interesting T-shirts can be fun. Please keep an eye on your belongings while cruising.
Activities: Cycling in the countryside and calligraphy learning
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Get on your wheels and we will set of for a cycling trip in the countryside of Yangshuo. Ride pass the field and villages, finally we will visit a local family to learn about their day-to-day life.

After lunch, we will ease our mind by an interesting Chinese calligraphy class. Free time to relax in Yangshuo.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

CountrysideVillagers Having Lunch in the Yard
Moon HillMoon Hill in Yangshuo
CalligraphyWrite Chinese
Yangshuo to Longsheng
Activities: Free time in Yangshuo and land transfer to Longsheng
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch
Hotel: Longji Star Wish Resort 3-star hotel (or Same Class)

Have some fun of your own in Yangshuo.

Later today, we will be on the way to Longsheng. Check in upon arrival and relax from the long drive.

Breakfast is included for today.

Longji Rice TerraceViews of Longji Rice Terrace
VillagersVillagers in Longsheng
Hotel RoomHotel Room in Longji Star Wish Resort

Smart Tips:

  • The drive from Yangshuo to Longsheng is about 3 hours.
  • About the hotel: Hotel Room in Longji Star Wish Resort is located at the top of the mountain in Longji with grand views outside its room windows. The hotel is in a local wood-and-bamboo stilt house style.
Activities: Longji Rice Terrace, family visit in Dazhai Village and learn to make Oil Tea
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Longsheng is home to Yao people and they are welcoming your visit. Today we will visit Longji Rice Terrace. Walking into Dazhai Village, we will be invited into a local dweller. Here, we will learn to make a special local meal: Oil Tea.

Oil Tea, or Youcha, is made out of a complex mixture of tea leaves, pork, rice, ginger and salt. As cold as it is during winter, people in Longsheng drink this kind of tea to keep warm and prevent getting cold. For Yao people, Oil Tea is as important as coffee to the westerners.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Local FamilyGranny's Welcome
Oil TeaTry Some Oil Tea
Activities: Field working with the local villagers
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Life in the countryside is never boring. Today your group will be divided into small teams and each team will be assigned with different field works. Some of you will learn how to plough, some will help out the villagers pick vegetables or harvest corps and some will go firewood chopping on the mountains. Get ready to get sweaty and busy!

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

LocalsGran and Her Grandson
Picking TeaPicking Tea Leaves
HarvestHappy Harvest

Smart Tips:

  • Field works will be arranged based on season.
Longsheng to Huanjiang
Activities: Land transfer and meet up with the principal of Huanjiang High School
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Today we will drive to a laid-back county in Hechi, a small city at northwest of Guangxi. Our destination is Huan Jiang Maonan Minority County, a small yet picturesque place wrapped up in mountains and rivers.

After check-in, we will meet up the principal of Huangjiang High School for an orientation and preparation of the cross-culture activities for the following two days.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

Huanjiang CountyHuanjiang County
Huanjiang High SchoolHuanjiang High School
Hotel RoomRoom in Huanjiang Hotel

Smart Tips:

  • During the orientation, we will have one English teacher and our English-speaking tour guide help you with the interpret.
  • You will be broken up into small groups, with each group going into different classes accompanied by the school’s English teacher. The students are aged between 14-18 years.
  • About the hotel: As a remote small town, Huanjiang Hotel might be counted as the best one to offer standard acccommondation.
Activities: School activity
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Ever wondered what life is like in a Chinese high school? Today’s activities include : sit in classes with the students, teach the students English – sharing your life experiences in your hometown and school, play sports and have cultural exchange activities. A great way to interact, build friendships, sharing dreams, ambitions and embrace the culture and life of the students.

Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

ClassHaving Class with Local Students
GamesPlaying Games
Talent ShowTalent Show by Local Students

Smart Tips:

  • Specific activities will be adjusted and arranged upon your own request.
Huanjiang to Guilin, Guilin to Beijing (Flight CN7216 1410-1710 for Reference)
Activities: Land transfer
Meals: Breakfast and Chinese Lunch

Waving goodbye to the villagers and fellow students, we will return to Guilin. Transfer to the airport for flight to Beijing. Here the group will be seperated:

  • Travelers from Brussels will stay at the airport for the international flight back to Brussels (Flight HU491 0145-0545 for reference).
  • Traverlers from Chicago/Seattle/Boston/Toronto/Moscow/Berlin/St.Petersburg will check in hotel upon arrival. (CITIC Hotel Beijing Airport)
  • Breakfast and lunch are included for today.

    Beijing Departure (International Flight Included)
    Activities: Airport transfer
    Meals: Breakfast

    Traverlers from Chicago/Seattle/Boston/Toronto/Moscow will be escorted to the airport for flights back home.

    Travelers from Berlin and St.Petersburg will stay one more day in Beijing and return home on Day-18.

    Breakfast is included for today.

    Dates and Prices (Join a Group)

    * Note: Departure Date is the first day of the tour, thus the day that international flight lands in Beijing.

    Departure City Departure Date Price Availability
    Chicago 11th May, 2014 $ 4,299
    8th Jun, 2014 $ 4,299
    13th Jul, 2014 $ 4,299
    8th Aug, 2014 $ 4,299
    Moscow 11th May, 2014 $ 3,799
    8th Jun, 2014 $ 3,799
    13th Jul, 2014 $ 3,799
    8th Aug, 2014 $ 3,799
    Brussels 11th May, 2014 $ 4,199
    8th Jun, 2014 $ 4,199
    13th Jul, 2014 $ 4,199
    8th Aug, 2014 $ 4,199
    Seattle 10th Apr, 2014 $ 3,799
    4th Sept, 2014 $ 3,799
    9th Oct, 2014 $ 3,799
    4th Sept, 2014 $ 3,899
    9th Oct, 2014 $ 3,899
    Toronto 10th Apr, 2014 $ 3,999
    4th Sept, 2014 $ 3,999
    9th Oct, 2014 $ 3,999
    Berlin 10th Apr, 2014 $ 4,099
    4th Sept, 2014 $ 4,099
    9th Oct, 2014 $ 4,099
    St. Petersburg 10th Apr, 2014 $ 3,999
    4th Sept, 2014 $ 3,999
    9th Oct, 2014 $ 3,999


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    Are international flights included in this package?

    Yes. This all-inclusive China educational tour package includes round-trip international flights of Chicago - Beijing, Seattle - Beijing, Boston - Beijing, Berlin - Beijing, Moscow - Beijing, Toronto - Beijing, St. Petersburg - Beijing, Brussels - Beijing.

    What's my flight number?

    Flight information please refer:
    Chicago - Beijing HU498 1530-1820(+1) / HU497 1320-1330
    Seattle - Beijing HU496 1400-1655(+1) / HU495 1620-1205
    Boston - Beijing HU482 1710-1850(+1) / HU481 1350-1510
    Toronto - Beijing HU7976 1720-1850(+1) / HU7975 1355-1510
    St. Petersburg - Beijing HU7966 2120-0855(+1) / HU7965 1445-1925
    Moscow - Beijing HU7986 2055-0905(+1) / HU7985 1500-1905
    Berlin - Beijing HU490 1925-1155(+1) / HU489 1340-1730
    Brussels - Beijing HU492 1230-0520(+1) / HU491 0145-0545
    * All the flights are operated by Hainan Airlines.

    What do I need to know about Hainan Airlines ?

    Firstly founded in January, 1993 in Hainan, China, Hainan Airlines is one of the seven 5-star airlines in the world by Skytrax and was honored as the Best Staff Service in China of Skytrax World Airline Awards after 20 years of service. Hainan Airlines has opened nearly 500 Chinese domestic and international routes flying to more than 90 cities. Hainan Airlines will have its Chicago - Beijing route launched in Sept, 2013.

    When should I book for the all-inclusive China tour package ?

    To ensure a valid booking, we suggest you book the package at least 2 months prior to departure date.

    Do the all-inclusive China tour packages include fuel fee, flight tax and insurance ?

    Yes. Our all-inclusive China tour packages include all fuel fees and flight taxes, but flight insurance is not included.

    Can I get a refund for cancellation ?

    Sorry, but the international flights are unrefundable once the ticket is issued. However, you can get a refund of the tour for cancellation. Please refer to our cancellation policy.

    Can I change the dates, flights or passengers ?

    Sorry, but changes of dates, flights, passengers and other changes are not allowed once ticket is issued.

    Can I change the itinerary ?

    Yes, the itinerary can be changed under these two conditions: firstly, the departure date is fixed due to the flight schedule. Changes of the itinerary or hotels will apply extra cost. Please contact our travel advisors.

    Does the educational tour package include the price of the group's chaperon or teacher?

    No, the price is based on per traveler. The price is the same for student, chaperon or teacher.

    What do you consider a group ?

    The number of travelers in this educational China tour package shall be not less than 6 travelers. The group can be from a school, community or organization of any kind.

    Is there an age limit for students to take this tour ?

    Yes, the students must be between age 14 - 18, because the cross-culture activities will be arranged in a local highschool.

    How many tour guides will be in the group ?

    It is based on the size of your group. For small group of less than 15 students, one professional English-speaking tour guide will be with you during the tour. For large group above 15, we will have 2 tour guides.

    Do you have German-speaking / Russian-speaking / Belgian-speaking / French-speaking tour guide ?

    Yes we will send guides based on the group's native language. However, if there are more than 1 group from different countries, we will have your company with English-speaking guide(s), which might apply extra cost.

    What will we do on the last day before return flight ?

    As you can see in the itinerary, some routes leave an extra free day in Guilin or Beijing. We suggest you take optional trips with us, however, a free day to explore the city will also be fun.

    Terms & Conditions

    Price Inclusion

    • International flights to enter and leave China.
    • Domestic flights between the destinations listed in the itinerary.
    • Entrance fees.
    • All activities as listed in the itinerary.
    • Meals listed in the itinerary.
    • Shared A/C coach.
    • Shared English-speaking guide and driver.
    • Hotels listed in the itinerary.
    • Service Charge & Taxes.
    • China Life Tourist Accident / Casualty Insurance.
    • Luggage Transfers.

    Price Exclusion

    • Attractions and activities that are not listed in the itinerary.
    • China Entry Visa Fees.
    • Excess Baggage Charges.
    • Personal Expenses.
    • Any meals and drinks that are not mentioned in the tour itinerary.
    • Non-English speaking tour guides.
    • Single Room Supplement.

    Special Terms

    • Price may change during some Chinese festivals.
    • Price is subject to change based on exchange rate.
    • We accept both on-line payment (by Paypal® and Moneybookers®) and wire transfer.
    • A deposit of 10% ot the total cost is required when you confirm your booking.
    • For Cancellation Refunds, please click here .

    Tour Highlights

    • Educational China tour with int'l flights.
    • Classic attractions including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and Li River.
    • Cross-culture activities with fellow minority students in Huanjiang County of Guangxi.
    • Minimum number of travelers: 6.

    Is it fit for me:

    History Culture Minority Landscape Hiking

    from US $ 3,799 p/p

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