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Shanghai Cruise Port Transfer

Shanghai, the third largest seaport in the world, is the only Chinese port where the sea and river shipping systems fit together into a network. It now has three international cruise terminals: Wusongkou, Shanghai Port, and Waigaoqiao.

Cruise companies berthing their ships at these three cruise terminals include Royal Caribbean Cruises, Costa Rica Cruises, Star Cruises, Holland America Volemdam, Ocean Princess, Sapphire Princess, Crystal Symphony, Diamond Princess, Celebrity Millennium, Arcadia, Azamara Quest, and Oceania Nautica.

Shanghai ports thus present a bustling scene, with numerous large passenger liners from home and abroad shuttling back and forth most days.

Important Notice:

Shanghai has implemented a 15-day visa-exemption policy for foreign tour groups entering China by cruise from Shanghai since Oct 1, 2016.

Eligible passengers who hold valid international travel documents allowed staying in China for not more than 15 days which starts counting from the next day upon arrival.

Upon get 15-day visa-free entry, passengers not only allowed to visit Shanghai, but also to visit other destinations which including Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning Province, Hebei Province, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Hainan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. More information please click VISA-FREE policy.

Shanghai Port Map

Here is the Shanghai Port Map shows the time by car from three main port to airport or train station.

Shanghai Port Transfer

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How many Cruise Ports in Shanghai?

Shanghai Cruise Port has three cruise terminals listed below:

1. Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal

Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal in the Baoshan District of Shanghai is located at the confluence of the Yangtze, Huangpu and Yunzaobang rivers.

Wusongkou is the largest specialized cruise terminal in Shanghai. It has two big berths for cruise ships, built to accommodate one 100,000 ton and one 200,000 ton super-sized cruise ship respectively, and facilitating an annual passenger throughput of 608,000 people.

Over the years, the comprehensive land and water transportation system, as well as the entertainment facilities at this terminal have transformed it into one of the most popular stopping-off points, where tourists can enjoy the splendid scenery of the estuary.

Wusongkou Port transportations by Taxi Rides:

To / From Distances Times Approximate Fares
Shanghai city center: 25km 40 minutes 85 yuan
Shanghai Pudong Airport 51km 60 minutes 180 yuan
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 38km 60 minutes 130 yuan
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway 36km 55 minutes 120 yuan
Shanghai Railway Station 25km 45minutes 85yuan
Shanghai South Railway Station 36km 60 minutes 135 yuan

2. Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

It’s hard to beat the Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal for convenience. It is located in the Hongkou District, just near the downtown area.

Shanghai Port is the largest local cruise port terminal, accommodating an annual passenger flow of one million people and handling up to three large passenger liners at the same time. Ships larger than 87,000 tons, however, are forbidden to berth at this port, due to height restrictions from the bridge spanning the Huangpu River.

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal transportations by Taxi Rides:

To / From Distances Times Approximate Fares
Shanghai city center: 5km 15 minutes 20 yuan
Shanghai Pudong Airport 56km 65 minutes 200 yuan
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 19km 35 minutes 70 yuan
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway 24km 40 minutes 80 yuan
Shanghai Railway Station 6km 20 minutes 25 yuan
Shanghai South Railway Station 18km 30 minutes 60 yuan

3. Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal

Located at Waigaoqiao in the Pudong New Area, Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal has the capability of berthing the world's largest cruise ship and handling up to four cruise ships simultaneously.

Though it is not as close as Shanghai Port to downtown Shanghai, its proximity to the ocean helps travelers save time on the ship itself.

Besides, since the low bridge spanning the Huangpu River prevents ships larger than 87,000 tons from berthing at Shanghai Port, larger ships have to moor at one of the other two ports, namely, Waigaoqiao and Wusongkou.

Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal transportations by Taxi Rides:

To / From Distances Times Approximate Fares
Shanghai city center: 25km 50 minutes 96 yuan
Shanghai Pudong Airport 36km 40 minutes 125 yuan
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 40km 50 minutes 140 yuan
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway 45km 50 minutes 160 yuan
Shanghai Railway Station 24km 55minutes 80 yuan
Shanghai South Railway Station 40km 60 minutes 140 yuan

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