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Classic China Tours

Classic China tour packages are good choices for tourists who come to China for the first time. This series of packages include Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and other most popular tourist cities. The Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warriors, Li River and other hot attractions respectively are located in these cities. We try our best to let you visit them in the shortest time and with least expense. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in them.

2 Day Xi'an Highlights Trip

As the ancient capital of six dynasties, Xi’an played a very important role in the prosperity and development of the Han (206 BC–220 AD) and Tang (618–907 AD) dynasties’ culture. Would you like to know why it was the terminus of the legendary Silk Road? And why Emperor Qin Shi Huang built the terracotta warriors and horses? Take this tour and you will find out.

Price From: USD $269 p/p

2 Day Essence of Hangzhou Tour

2 days in Hangzhou, aka Heaven on Earth, you will visit the beautiful West Lake and famous Buddhism temple with a chance to learn about tea.

Price From: USD $279 p/p

2 Day Beijing Culture Discovery Tour

Limited time in Beijng and have on idea about tour? This two days Beijing culture discover tour will let you experience of most standing-out highlights of Beijing. Stoll ancient the Forbidden City imagine the Emperor's life and walk into Hutong' house get know residents' daily life, all of these will be your once in a lifetime experiences.

Price From: USD $279 p/p

2 Day Explore Ancient Pingyao from Xi'an

Time has endowed Pingyao with charm and fame as not only an ancient city but also a place to pick up China's finest architectural essence. A return trip from Xi'an offers you an excellent insight.

Price From: USD $399 p/p

3 Day Shanghai and Tongli Water Town Tour

People may know that Shanghai is a metropolis. She is called “Mo Du (魔都)” by Chinese people. Mo means ambition and Du means metropolis.

But many people ignore that she also has a soft side like any elegant lady. Water towns are her tenderness. They are unique to China and preserve well an ancient atmosphere. Ordinary people still live there. 

Let’s take 3 days to explore this ambitious city with added elegance and tenderness.

Price From: USD $429 p/p

2 Day Hangzhou & Suzhou Highlights Tour

Private tour of 2 days in Hangzhou and Suzhou. Capture all the essence of two cities and experience the speed of a bullet train.

Price From: USD $439 p/p

2 Day Tianjin Cruise Port Transfer & Beijing Tour

Private pickup and transfer from Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing and enjoy a 2-day Beijing trip. The tour highlights out the Forbidden City and Great Wall. Transfer back to Tianjin Cruise Port after the tour.

Price From: USD $449 p/p

3 Day Experience Night Tour on the Great Wall

As one of the ancient capitals, Beijing have many stories hidden in the history that we can explore. The Forbidden City, home to 24 emperors, which is representing of the imperial power. We will discovery the stories of main palace. It is everyone's dream to walk on the Great Wall, but have you seen the quiet Great Wall at night? We will stay overnight in Gubei water town at the Simatai section of the Great Wall and appreciate night views of the Great Wall.

Price From: USD $459 p/p

5 Day Beijing Delight Tour

Traveling from 80 USD a day, you will glance at Beijing's best: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Lama Temple and Hutong nearby. Free time will be delightful for solo adventure.

Price From: USD $469 p/p

3 Day Visa-Free Highlights of Beijing Tour

A total wholesome Beijing tour package with Visa-Free policy covers all the highlights in this amazing ancient capital.

Price From: USD $469 p/p
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