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Short China Tours

Short China tours give you a quick glance at China’s history, culture, landscape and lifestyle. If you have one week, a week-long China tour can take you to three major cities. If you would like to saunter around a city, contact us and we can also operate a 1-day or 2-day side-trip in the neighborhood. Short China tours give you an edge in both time and cost and not necessarily lower down your experience. Contact us and we will help you spend your time wisely.

5 Day Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Tour

This two day hike of 25 kilometers will allow you to experience one of the world’s great gorges. Walk 5 hours each day over steep but beautiful terrain to reach the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The backdrop is the beautiful scenery of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Price From: USD $719 p/p

6 Day Tibet Tour from Hong Kong

Coming from Hong Kong, we offer you this easy and enjoyable China tour pack, visit Guangzhou and Lhasa.

Price From: USD $879 p/p

6 Day Essence of Hong Kong and Beijing Tour

This tour offers you the opportunity to explore two of the most important destinations in China- Hong Kong, the Pearl of Orient and Beijing for its popular attractions like Great Wall and Forbidden City.

Price From: USD $1,419 p/p

8 Day Elegant Water Town and Yellow Mountains Tour

Take 8 days to feel Chinese traditional beauty and see gorgeous Yellow Mountains scenery. See the prosperous Shanghai, visit a famous water town - Tongli, explore the classical beauty of Hangzhou and Suzhou, enjoy days away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the magnificent Yellow Mountains and admire dreamy ancient villages.

Price From: USD $1,249 p/p

8 Day Essence of China Tour

Have you ever watched movies or TV series’ about the royal families of the Qing (1644–1912 AD) dynasty? Now it’s your turn to be the princess or the emperor, as you enter the home of 24 emperors - the majestic Forbidden City in Beijing.

You will also visit Xi’an to discover the marvelous underground army - the Terracotta Warriors-and get to know the culture and stories of the Qin (221–206 BC) and Tang (618–907 AD) dynasties.

Finally admire the gleaming Shanghai, where east meets west and ancient meets modern, during this 8-day customizable tour.

Price From: USD $1,419 p/p
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