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Silk Road Adventure

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Silk Road Adventure

The Silk Road was a passage for the transportation of silk in ancient times. Lots of relics on the road can still be seen now. From the relics, tourist can see the outline of the ancient metropolitan areas along the road. Camels can not be seen so often in daily life, but they are the major transportation tools on the Silk Road. In our tour packages, tourists can imagine themselves to be ancient merchants by riding camels in deserts. Just contact us to make your Silk Road dream come true!

8 Day Memories of Xinjiang Tour

China's remote northwest is mysterious. These 8 days will allow you to explore Xingjiang and unlock the mysteries.

Price From: USD $1,759 p/p

9 Day Memorable Silk Road Tour

Make this 9-day China tour a precious memory! Start with Xi'an and carry on to Urumqi via Dunhuang, Turpan and Kashgar with all the highlights.

Price From: USD $2,559 p/p

9 Day Golden Silk Road

Taking an extra leg outside Xi'an to get on the Silk Road, you will unfold the most amazing scenery in Xi'an, Dunhuang, Urumqi and Turpan.

Price From: USD $1,579 p/p

10 Day Ultimate Cultural Experience by Unique Silk Road Train

Back to the Silk Road dating back to over 1000 years ago by take the world’s unique train—China Orient Express (also known as Shangri-la Express), to explore the best attractions of ancient Silk Road in 2017! This special experience will be an once-in-a-life travel story.

Price From: USD $ p/p

10 Day Splendid Silk Road Trip

A 10-day adventure with reasonable price for you to escape into the Silk Road history. Xi'an, Lanzhou, Xiahe, Dunhuang, Turpan and Urumqi, you are on the way to the places that not a lot of travelers have been to.

Price From: USD $2,389 p/p

10 Day Silk Road Cultural Explore by Unique Shangri-la Train

Explore the best attractions of ancient Silk Road and its colorful culture of old China in 2017! Take train from Urumqi, Turpan Dunhuang, pass through the begainin of the Great Wall to Xi'an, this special experience will be an once-in-a-life travel story for you.

Price From: USD $ p/p

11 Day Explore Tibet and HanTang Culture by Shangri-la Train

Want to experience of diversity of china culture? In Xi’an to see the majestic the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and Ancient City Wall to get know old china history. Take train along the world’s highest railway to Tibet while get the unique views of nature sceneries. To travel on this line is a true pioneering adventure, an experience as unique as the destination itself.

Price From: USD $ p/p

13 Day Colorful Culture Discovery Train Journey

Enjoy a rail tour with a difference that offers a magical exploration of Tibet, known affectionately as the Roof of the World and home to more Himalayan peaks than anywhere else, before traversing across the grand wilderness of Silk Road through stunning scenery and ancient cities.

Price From: USD $ p/p

15 Day Silk Road Glorious Tour

Explore the historical, beautiful and mysterious Silk Route of Old China with this unique tour. Visit historical ruins, ancient beautiful Chinese architectures, Buddhism temples and historical wonders.

Price From: USD $3,979 p/p
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