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China has a lot to offer. Do you try to figure out a first China tour?  Why don't go through our best sellers?

We help 1,800 visitors annually from all over the world to create a unique tour full of oriental beauty and pleasure. We can gets you closer to splendid history, stunning sights, mysterious places, enduring traditions and friendly people. All of them consist of an authentic China.

All tours are private and can be customized to meet your requirements. Your guide and driver serve you only.

No. 1 China Essence Tour


China Essence Tour

Beijing → Shanghai → Xian


Visit the most famous three destinations of China — the ancient capital Beijing, Xian and metropolis Shanghai — to peek into the illuminated history, glimpse the future, and experience the enduring cultures during this 8-day private tour.

Imagine you are an emperor when entering the majestic Forbidden City, have a moderate hike on the world famous Great Wall, discover the Terracotta Warriors, admire the gleaming Shanghai where orient meets west, and stroll around some local markets.

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No. 2panda1


Nature Is Calling

Beijing → Xian → Chongqing → Yangtze → Yichang → Shanghai


Explore both the ancient cultures and prosperous features, and relax on the Yangtze River Cruise to see the various sides of China.

Your informative guides will show you around not only the most classic spots, like the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terra-cotta Army, the Bund, Yuyuan Garden and Three Gorges but also take you for a genuine local experience by visiting adorable giant pandas and local markets.

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No. 3the Bund


Memorable China Tour

Beijing → Xian → Guilin → Yangshuo → Shanghai

Suitable for those who love splendid Chinese history, local cultures, and unique karst scenery

Summary: Explore the remarkable “must-see” destinations of China from north to south — the ancient capital Beijing, the Warrior-home Xi’an, amazing Guilin and metropolis Shanghai—to discover Chinese history, witness dream-like scenery, feel the traditional atmosphere, and experience minority cultures during this 11-day private tour. In a private tour with us, you are the boss.

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No. 4Local Farmer activity


Wonders of China

Beijing → Xian → Guilin → Yangshuo → Yangtze River →Shanghai

Suitable for those who love splendid Chinese culture, unique natural scenery and more leisure holiday.

Summary: Wish to travel to most highlights of China in a short two weeks for your first time trip to China? This trip included historical sites and spectacular natural sceneries. Visit Forbidden City, walk up to Great Wall, seeing amazing Terracotta Warriors, take cruise along Yangtze River and ride biking along Yangshuo country, all of the experience will add a new color to your travel life.

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No. 5bingmayong-11


Panoramic Impression of China

Beijing → Xian → Lhasa → Chongqing → Yangtze → Yichang → Shanghai

Suitable for those who want to deeply explore diverse China

Summary: In this 16-day private tour, you are the boss. Take part in some special activities to experience mysterious cultures. Enter the majestic Forbidden City and magnificent Terracotta Warriors to discover interesting history. Cruise on the Yangtze River to admire magnificent scenery. Wonder on the Bund to feel the combination atmosphere of tradition and modern. Our insightful guides will take you to all key sites.

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No. 6shuixiang-1


Water Town and Yellow Mountains Tour

Shanghai → Suzhou → Huangshan → Hangzhou → Shanghai

Suitable for those who like interesting water town traditions and amazing scenery

Summary: Take 8 days to feel Chinese traditional beauty and see gorgeous Yellow Mountains scenery. See the prosperous Shanghai, visit a famous water town - Tongli, explore the classical beauty of Hangzhou and Suzhou, enjoy days away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the magnificent Yellow Mountains and admire dreamy ancient villages.

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No. 7xianggelila-1


Authentic Yunnan Discovery

Kunming → Dali → Lijiang → Shangri-La

Suitable for those who are interested in minority culture and snow mountain

Summary: Delve into the minority area in Yunnan Province and enjoy the highlights of the scenery there. The Stone Forest, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge show you the creativity of the nature and the Lijiang Ancient Town and Shangri-La show you the colorful culture of the minorities there.

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No. 8tibet-1


Wonderful China Tour with Tibet

Shanghai → Chengdu → Lhasa → Xian →Beijing

Suitable for those who plan to touch the most sacred religions in the world

Summary: Both the loveliest creature and the most sacred religion have been on the schedule of this tour package. Check them out to know why they are so charming. Besides, the golden triangle of China makes your trip miss no highlights.

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No. 9silu-1


Golden Silk Road

Xian → Dunhuang → Turpan → Urumqi

Suitable for those who are eager to uncover the secrect of the Silk Road

Summary: Listen to the stories about the ancient Silk Road and see the relics on the channel which connected the eastern and western world. Although most attractions have more or less corroded, their enchantment never corrodes. Join us to explore the desert together!

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No. 10Kungfu Show


In Pursuit of Kungfu Tour

Shanghai → Xian → Luoyang → Dengfeng → Beijing

Suitable for Kungfu fans who want to learn Kungfu in Shaolin Temple

Summary: Miss no must-see attractions in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Chengdu and lighten your trip by leaning the most authentic Chinese Kungfu at Shaolin Temple, the place where Chinese Kungfu originated. The Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang help you understand the spirit of Kungfu

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