Why travel to China in a small group?
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Why Travel to China in a Small Group?

A Small Group Tour is an economical way to discover China. It usually consists of 2-10 people in a group to travel together. We provide carefully planned itineraries and arranged standard accommodations in 4-star or 5-star depending in the tour. We use comfortable vans or small cars with professional drivers and expert local guides. The departure date and the itineraries are fixed, which means that will help us save money for our customers. However customers can add tour days before the group tour starts or after it ends.

Join a group or go solo? It depends! You may have chances to know many other tourists with same interests from all over the world in a group while you can have your own private guide and fiexibility to change the itinerary based on your needs in a private tour.


Features Group Tour Private Tour
Tour Cost
Tour Cost

Save money as group discounts are possible for domestic flights and accommodation.

Higher than group tours.

No, but you can have option to go solo and tailor-make a tour based on your needs.

Group Size
Group Size

Up to 10 people, open to other tourists.

No limitation. The tour is exclusively for you or with your own group of friend / family.

Tour Dates
Tour Date

Fixed, but you can have options to go solo.


Fixed, but you can have options to go solo.

Tour Bus

Share a safe and air-conditioned van or bus with plenty of personal space.

A car or luxury van is exclusively for you with more flexibility of start and return times.

Tour Guide
Guides and Drivers

A guide and a driver are provided for the whole group to ensure the tour go smoothly. 

The guide and the driver will work with you through the tour to set your own time and pace and flexible to change if needed.

Your Choice:
join a group

Go solo


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Group Tour Travel Tips

Before the Tour

  • Choose an itinerary that suits you most and share your thoughts about the trip with our travel advisor. We are happy to answer any questions you have and find the right tour for your interests.
  • Do some research of neighbor around our listed hotels and attractions, which will give you some wise planning for free time.

During the Tour

  • Keep your guide’s cell phone number for emergency contact.
  • Remember some landmark so you won’t gest lost on your solo adventure;
  • Carry your passport with you;
  • For safety sake, don’t take too much money with you every day. Ask your guide for reference.

After the tour

  • Double check your luggage carefully before check out the hotel.
  • Take note of your luggage in case they are mixed with that of other group members.
  • Learn what you shouldn’t take onto the flights.


How to Book a China Tour?

How to book a China Tour

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