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China Train Types

In China, trains are categorized by service and speed. Different letters indicate different types of trains. See more Train Types in China.

G-Trains (high-speed trains)

China Train Seats and Classes

China Train tickets fall into several main classes and vary according to different types of trains.

second class seat
Second Class Seat

Information on a Train Ticket in China

When you read a ticket, please pay attention to the Chinese character and pinyin after a place name. Directions: north, south, east, and west are printed in pinyin on tickets instead of English, respectively Bei, Nan, Dong, and Xi.

For example, Beijing South Railway Station will be printed as Beijing Nan on a ticket (see the second ticket below), Beijing East is showed as Beijing Dong, Beijing West (Beijing Xi), and Beijing North (Beijing Bei).

Please make sure you are going to the correct train station. How to Read a Train Ticket?

Train Ticket
Train Ticket

China Major Train Stations

There are some different train stations in a big city in China, please go to the right stations according to your ticket's information.

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