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How to book China train tickets

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When to Buy?

Passengers can book China train tickets 18 days before departure for long-distance trains at stations. Online booking opens 20 days before the departure.

During peak holidays in China, such as the Spring Festival, May Day and National Day, long-distance train tickets sold out quickly. Do avoid these dates to take train travel in China. Meanwhile, summer holiday (July and August) and winter holiday during January and February are also busy train travel times which are better to avoided. If you have to take trains on these periods, do remember to book them as soon as the reservation opens.

In other cases, long-distance train tickets are also usually sold out several days before departure. It is suggested to book the ticket at least 4 days before the train departs, which will be much more secured. Or you can check train details and book tickets from China Travel Train Ticket Booking , including seeing how many tickets are left in each class for the train you choose on a specific date.

Where to Buy and Get the Train Ticket?

For foreigners, they can book tickets at the stations and get the ticket directly. Or book them online through Chines travel agency no matter in China or outside China and the local travel agency will deliver the ticket to the place you stay in China.  

Online Buying

China Travel Train Booking offers China train ticket online booking in a time-saving, hassle-free and safe way. Once you booked the ticket successfully, our experienced travel advisors will help you do the rest.

  • Choose your departure city and arrival place on a specific date with our real-time train ticket system;
  • Then search and select the train ticket you need;
  • Book online with your passport number and get the quick response;
  • Forward the payment and get your confirmation email;
  • Take your train ticket.

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At the Station

  • In big train stations in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an, train tickets are easy to buy for foreign travelers as the special English-speaking ticket window are provided. Note that you may need to buy them in advance in case there is no ticket available.
  • Take the passport. All foreigners need to present their passports when buying tickets. One passport is only for one train ticket, which is also required when boarding the train. The Chinese citizens’ ID card, foreigners’ temporary residence permit, exit-entry permit or diplomatic certificate are valid documents to buy train tickets.
  • Buy any route’s ticket at any station. Passengers can buy any route of train tickets from a Chinese station, not only ones starting at the station you are at, which is thanks to the central computer reservation system of Chinese railways.
  • Foreigners cannot use the self-service ticket machines at the station as it is required Chinese ID cards when purchasing.
  • Local train tickets agencies. In most cities in China, passengers can buy train tickets from local train ticket offices. The staff of your hotel can tell you the nearest ticket office and then you can go to buy with the extra fee of 5 Yuan. Note that staff from train ticket offices does not speak English, so you may need to write down your destination, departure date and specific time and class in Chinese with the help of your hotel staff.

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