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Befengxia Valley Travel FAQ

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Can I take a fight to Befengxia Valley?
Bifengxia Valley is located 8 miles from Yaan and is one of the famous scenic spots in Yaan. To visit Befengxia Valley, visitors have to transfer the transportation in Yaan. There is no airport being located in Yaan, but you can fly to Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu and take a train or bus to Yaan.

bifengxia vellay

How to go to the railway station in Chengdu?
Visitors can walk to the Shuanggui Village Stop (about 150m from the airport) and take the bus 300. Get off at the Nijia Bridge Stop, walk about 40m to the metro line (Nijia Bridge Stop) and take the metro line 1 (Shengxian Lake direction) to the North Railway Station. Bus 2, 9, 16, 17, 27, 34, 36, 50, 54, 55, 65, 83, 86, 108, 123, 298, K1 and K2 also pass through the bus station, it is another choice for visitors.

How to go to the bus station in Chengdu?
There is nonstop bus from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station to Bifengxia Valley. There are several ways to go to the xinnanmen bus station. Visitors can take the metro line 2 to the Dongmen Bridge stop and transfer to the bus 237 to xinnanmen bus station. There is airport bus service available to go to the Chengdu Bus Station. Visitors can also take a taxi.

Is there any other way to go to Bifengxia?
Visitors can go to the Chengdu Bus Station to take the nonstop special tourism bus to the Bifengxia Valley.

How can I go to Bifengxia Valley from Yaan Bus Station?
There are nonstop tourism buses to the Bifengxia Valley scenic spot. The business time is 6: 00 to 18: 00.

How can I go to Bifengxia Valley from Yaan Railway Station?
Visitors can take a taxi to Yaan Bus Station and take the special bus to Bifengxia Valley.

Local Highlight

What are the local products in Bifengxia?
Bifengxia Valley enjoys the subtropical humid monsoon climate and the scenic area is full of flourish trees. The superb environment provides a good condition to the development of local tea. Mengshan Tea and Yaan Brick Tea is famous local tea product. Yaan fish is a famous specialty of Yaan City and is also called "salmo playtcephalus". The Yaan fish lead their life in the mountain areas of Middle Asia. The name of the fish comes from the living position. The fish grow in Zhougong River which is the branch of Qingyijiang River passing through Yaan City. Therefore, it is called Yaan Fish. Yaan fish looks like the shape of carp. The difference between each other is the Yaan fish is fat and big. The meat of Yaan fish tastes tender and delicate, which makes it famous in the local famous dish" Stewed Yaan Fish with Soy Sauce in Casserole."

Where to buy the local products?
In the Bifengxia Valley scenic spot, there are shops for visitors to buy some souvenirs, but the position of the shops is dispersing from each other. The products in the shops are common handicrafts. If visitors want to buy the real local products, it is a good advice to go around in the Yaan City.

What can I see in the Bifengxia Scenic Spot?
Bailongtan Waterfall
The 10 meters wide waterfall is rushing down from the height of 30 meters cliff; visitors can see and enjoy the cool feeling of the spray split around. Roaring down from the mountain, the water fall is like a silk dragon down into the bottom of the valley and forms a 10-meter-deep pond.
Nuwa Pool
The Nuwa Pool has a size of 80-meter-long and around 30-meter-wide. Its formation is due to the erosion of waterfalls. The pool is full of limpid water and visitors can see the bottom and the verdant green hills, trees, and with the flowers giving forth fragrance, it feels like visiting in the heaven. It enjoys a legend that it is right the place where a goddess called Nuwa bathed. Now it is a natural swimming pool attracting a lot of people each year.
One –Ray Sky
One-Ray Sky is a 100-200meters long gorge. Visitors stand between the two cliffs and look up to the sky, only a ray can be seen above and curve of blue sky. Walking in the One-Ray Sky, the streams run along the cliffs with sprinkling water drops feeling refreshing.
Ecological Zoo
Chengdu is home to the Giant Panda in China. Visitors can see Giant Panda in the Giant Panda Ecological Park. There are four The functional zones in the park: the raising and breeding area, the working and living area, the bamboo base, the wildlife training area.


How is the weather in Bifengxia Valley?
Bifengxia Vallvey in Yaan enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, with the plenty of rain falls, namely the City of Rain. The average temperature is between 14 ℃ and 18℃ and has a amount of precipitation over 1000 to 1800 mm. It is the most amount of precipitation area in Sichuan. Yaan is a good place to escape from the hot weather in summer, which is so called cool spring and summer and warm autumn and winter

When is the best season to visit Bifengxia Valley?
Bifengxia Valley has the average temperature between 14 ℃ and 18℃, so visitors can enjoy the journey there all the year round.

What should I prepare to visit Bifengxia Valley?
Yaan is a city enjoys a name of the City of Rain. Visitors had better to take an umbrella and some clothes for spring.

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